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  1. hello kuga owners

    Hi I purchased my white 2.5 titanium 31st March, nice car but, Broke down after only 300 miles, lost all ATF transmission fluid, no gears. It seems that the factory forgot to connect a pipe.God knows what damage. all Fords of Dagenham Enfieldwould do is replace fluid. I found this dealership to be terrible in its inability to resolve problems. Buyer beware.
  2. Transmission Faliure

    Thanks for that
  3. hello kuga owners

    Hi there. yes me, 2.5 titanium white. plse read my transmission faliure posting. from Londonboy
  4. Transmission Faliure

    Hi all Purchased new Kuga, drove only 300 plus miles, had catastrophic transmission faliure, all ATF fluid loss,due to factory not connecting pipe. Would Fords of dagenham, Enfield assist under warranty, not likely. Would only refill with ATF fluid, I wanted replacement transmission. I was threatened, that should I take this matter to court, it would cost me more than the car £30,000, I had unbelievable bad treatment from them.