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  1. Hey friends, This is Awaiz Mukadam, Aezy for pals ok??, from Mumbai in India. I own a 2000 Ford Ikon 1.6 RoCam. That is a sedan version of the Fiesta Mk5 hatch but witha Chain driven SOHC. Here, it happens to be quite a cult to have the original 1.6 RoCam as the newer moddels were trash and a final 1.3l version completely destroyed the future of this beast. Oh yes, it is a beast.... making 92 BHP on a dry kerb weight of just 998kg..... that means each horse on that engine pulls just a lil more than 10.5 kilos..... Ever rev happy and a king on the streets of Mumbai's traffic ridden scene.... Hope to further introduce you all to this beauty... Some of you may find this vehicle in the Southern of Amerca as well.... So long pals....