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  1. Bulb Replacement

    Or an original style Ka that needs a headlight bulb, which it did every 6 months or less.
  2. Cd With Bluetooth

    I tried a few but ended up with a Kenwood BT8044U for a couple of reasons. It has Ipod control from the head unit and it has a separate bluetooth microphone. It seemed to me that the headunits with the built in mics are aimed at LHD cars as the mic is located on the left of the face plate. The separate mic allowed me to place it directly in front of the steering wheel which gives great voice clarity. Of the others that I tried, the Wharfedale ICS models from Argos were about as good as any and good value as well.
  3. Injector Seals

    Just thought I'd let you guys know that my Fuzzy is heading in to have the injector seals replaced for the second time. It's only done 74,000 miles and I'm getting a bit worried that it may become a habit. Has anyone else suffered from repeat failures ?
  4. Steering Column Clonk

    I know this sounds like stating the obvious but to me it sounds like ball joints. Even though you've had them checked out, I would try a few things. Jack the car up and rock the wheel back and forward to see if there's any movement. One other thing to watch out for is the front springs. If a spring has cracked it can make a clonk when the car is turning, the problem is that when it lets co completely, the spring can drop on to the tyre and cause a blow out. Guess how I know this ? (Not from my Fusion I hasten to add) Look for one wing of the car sitting a bit lower then the other, look for the gap between the top of the tyre and the wheel arch.
  5. Fusion 2 Foglights

    Mine neither.
  6. Steering Column Clonk

    Can you tell us when the clonk occurs ? Is it when you start to turn, on full lock, every revolution of the steering wheel ? On a previous car I had a worn universal joint on the steering rack which produced some interesting clonks, it took the garage 3 or 4 attempts to find out the source.
  7. Thinking About Buying A Fusion 1.4Tdi

    Check the injector seals are OK, look for a smell of exhaust gas in the cabin when idling. Rear shocks. Rattling dash. Water ingression into rear light clusters and rear washer mechanism. These are some of the problems I've ran in to but none were that expensive to repair other then the injector seals and they were replaced under warranty.
  8. Ipod Connection

    I went down a different road on this one. Bought a fascia converter and a quadlock cable from ebay, cost about £10 all in. Swapped out the standard CD player for one with an Ipod connection via usb. The headunit also has Bluetooth audio so I can also stream MP3s from my Blackberry.
  9. Spare Wheel

    By The Way ... .. .
  10. Does Yours Light Up?

  11. Drop In Mpg

    I'm not aware of a huge difference in MPG during the winter unless it's a really bad snowy day where there's lots of wheel spinning and sliding. According to my on board computer I'm currently getting around 67mpg out of my 1.4TDCi. I know this is a big exaggerated but I originally worked out that the computer reports an error of about +7% so I'm guessing that I'm actually getting around 62mpg. This hasn't really changed much from what I was seeing in the summer, if anything I would say it's a bit better as I tend to be a bit more careful when the weather is bad.
  12. Rear Wiper Motor Troubles

    My rear wiper stopped working the other day so I summoned up the courage to have a look and try to find the problem. To cut a long story short, once I had removed the tailgate liner panel, I was showered with rusty water which was leaking from the motor housing. I removed the motor with the gearbox attached and more rusty water ran down my knuckles. I stripped the assembly down, cleaned out all the rusty water, de-greased the housings in the sink (don't tell the Mrs), re-assembled, re-fitted and I now have a working rear wiper. I'm curious as to how all that water ended up inside the gearbox housing as there was no apparent sign of ingression, I can only guess that it ran down the wiper shaft and didn't run out again.
  13. Radio Wiring Diagram

    The easiest thing is to buy a quad lock adapter cable which takes the ford wiring harness and adapts it to suit standard ISO connectors which most after market stereos use. I've done this on my Fusion and it's really simple. The quad lock connector can be accessed through the glove box.
  14. Turbo Diesel Whine

    That's a tricky one to answer. If the noise is only there when you depress the clutch then it may be gearbox noise. Once the clutch is in, the engine stops driving the gearbox and the wheels cause the gearbox to turn using the "back" side of the tooth, called "over run". In some gearboxes this can be quite noisy. It could also be a clutch bearing. It's difficult to tell unless you are there. I'd try looking for the noise with the clutch in and out, at low revs when the turbo isn't working hard or at high revs when the turbo is working hard. Do you get the noise when you are staionary, say at the lights with the clutch in ?
  15. Dim Lights

    As I live in a rural area I do a lot of driving in the dark. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that the headlights are a bit poor. I've fitted Xenon bulbs and it helps but the lights are still bot as good as I think they should be. Has anyone noticed this or tried anything different ?