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  1. I've got the reverse camera on my Fiesta Centura, gotta say it is extremely useful! The fiesta isn't a big car by any means but I've found when using the camera and reverse parking sensors which come as part of it are brilliant, had no issues getting into spaces I wouldn't have tried before. The bluetooth is also fantastic, I have my most frequently used numbers saved, although it can get confused on occasions which I would expect. If I try to dial my friend Charlie, it thinks im saying cancel, and cancels the command... :) But for streaming audio, hooking up your phone for calls, or generally impressing friends with you Knightrider car it's brill! I found mine to be pretty good in the snow, handled pretty well, my area has a few small hills which it managed pretty well, it didn't like the little curb ramp to my drive though which is like cobbled, found that a tad of a challenge in the snow/ice. Brilliant little car all around!!
  2. Hi All Goy my fiesta back this morning from the service department. I've got to say I'm very impressed with the DRL's they look absolutely fantastic! Definitely lift the front of the car, can't wait to see them on the drive home tonight!! Also the reversing camera was replaced and it is now perfect, no misting or clouding, just how it should be! I will post some pictures when the weather improves, the indian summer seems to have gone back to india here in London :) Thanks Kris
  3. Hi all Just thought I'd post an update regarding my Fiesta Centura which I've had for little over a month now. It's going to the dealership tomorrow to have it's drl's fitted, they managed to order the wrong ones from ms designs and had to wait for a back order of the fiesta ones to come in. I am really loving the car to be honest, I had a 3dr '10 plate zetec before with a few extras on it, but with the kit I've got on the Centura it just makes it a fantastic little car. My old zetec was a 3 door, and to be honest I thought I preferred the stylings of the 3 door fiesta. However the 5 door has really grown on me and I like not having to keep moving my seat around. Although the size of the door itself on the Centura took some getting used too, as they are a lot smaller than their 3 door counterparts. I also love the new alloys on the car, they have been around for a while but from what I understand they were an extra, and a fairly pricey one too, so they aren't on many fiesta's at the moment. The only issue I have come across with it is the reversing camera, it constantly condensates inside the lens leaving what looks like eater droplets on the outside, however you can't wipe them off as they are on the inside if the lens. So the dealership said they will change the camera for me to see if it makes a difference and if it doesn't then we will have to devise another solution. I will post some pictures when I get the car back Tuesday afternoon, as she will be all washed and polished by the dealership :) I'm yet to see another fiesta Centura on the road and I live in North London, would be interesting to see if any of you fellow owners have seen any around, think there is 1000 in the UK. Thanks Kris
  4. I have got a centura, it has the titanium badges on the back.
  5. Picked up my new Fiesta Centura at midnight :) Absolutely in love with it, although I need a name... Let the suggestions commence :) Kris
  6. Hey All Just waiting to take delivery of my Fiesta Centura on 1st September, really looking forward to it :) Wish it had cruise control though. Will post some on the road pictures when I get it Kris
  7. Hi All After looking to replace my Fiesta '10 plate for another Fiesta of a higher spec. I was looking at a Titanium 1.4 with a few extras but my local Ford garage kept bringing up cars that wern't spec'd to my needs because they basically wanted to get them off their hands. I had all but given up for now until I got a phone call from them saying they had found me a car, and it had everything that I need. (Will list these below) I was also told that it was a special edition Centura. It sounded exactly what I wanted so I popped down to have a look. • Metallic Panther Black paint • Chrome door mirror caps • LED daytime running lights • 16-inch alloy wheels • Automatic headlights and wipers • Reverse parking sensors • Rear-view parking camera They add around £1800 worth of kit for around a £1000 premium which is decent. After a little research I have discovered that only around 1000. I would upload some pictures but I'm having some issues, is there anyway to upload to this thread rather than photobucket, etc Any questions, fire away :) Kris
  8. Hi All Just thought I'd let you all know what I finally went with, it's slightly long winded so bare with me. :) 2 weeks before my renewal I phoned up LV and asked them about my renewal price, I was paying something in the region of £2500 fully comp and at the time 0yrs NCD, they then said to me that my renewal would be £2900, I was shocked to be honest. So I told them thanks but no thanks and began shopping around. At the end of my policy I was going to get 2yrs NCD as they messed up my old insurance on my Punto. So I used various companies and found Aviva to be the best with a quote of £1900, this got me fully comp, courtesy car, covered for up to 15'000 miles per year and with legal expenses. I was set for that, on the day I was going to purchase the insurance from Aviva a letter arrived from LV containing my renewal quote for £1800. Just annoyed me that one person says one thing and another says something different, so I reckon they do make some of the stuff up. Anyway so I took that and now have 2 years NCB, courtesy car and legal cover. Not too bad but still damn expensive. Just so you all know I'm 19, live in N9, one of the highest risk postcodes in the country, and am employed in which I was led to believe is a fairly high risk job. Although it isn't and I don't see how it is. Airline Cabin Crew, my car is kept in what must be one of the securest car parks around. 6ft high barbed wire fences 24/7 patrols by airport security and armed police, to get in and out you need to keycard and passcode. There are cameras that photograph the driver and number plate recognition cameras. But the LV rep told me it is high risk... apparently. Also my misses who has had 3 claims in 2 years, drives a 1.6l car, lives in the same postcode and is 2 months younger than me still pays less..... Fair ;) Anyway rant/update over :) Thanks Kris Been nice seeing im not the only one being ripped off
  9. I have found a few bugs with iOS 5 and the bluetooth. I have had trouble getting it to go onto the bluetooth playback, takes a few clicks of the "Aux" button before it decided to switch over. Also have found it doesn't like to connect to the phone function if you are already on a call and connect it to the bluetooth when you jump in the car. But an above poster is correct the EQ issue is a bug and will hopefully be sorted in the next build. If you find anymore bugs during daily use can you post back :) Kind Regards Kris
  10. Sounds interesting. But I'd definatley like to know prices and see some pictures etc Thanks Kris
  11. Hi Just thought I'd report back with my findings. It paired fine, and now even displays the track name of the bluetooth screen of the fez which is a bonus. But I have found a few bad points, it seems to have changed the audio quality, as I used to have my iP4 set to bass booster and it sounded brill, but now it sounds very distorted and I have had to turn the bass right down in the car settings and change the iP4 EQ to Pop. I had to re-pair it on my return journey, with the passcode. Not sure if this is going to be a regular occurrence or not. Make sure you have a Developer register your iPhone's UCDID or whatever its called or your going to lose the phone functionality. Thanks Kris
  12. I have just upgraded to iOS 5 and will be going to work shortly, so I will let you know how it works :) Kris
  13. I have a TomTom One IQ Routes Edition. Its a brilliant little SatNav that only cost me £90 from Halfords. But do you need one for use in Europe? As I only needed mine for UK use. I'm opposite to you, I've always favoured TomTom, but to be honest there isn't much I've found to diffretiate the cheaper SatNav's from one another these days. I really like the TT one IQ routes, it has live info on traffic and can re-route if needed, has up to date speed camera's, including speed traps on motorway roadworks, quickly finds and sustains a strong GPS signal, and has a pretty long battery life, around 7 hours. Hope this helps :) Kris
  14. That's the thing, I'm not being signed into another year, so I will still only have 2 years left on finance with them. Kris
  15. Hey Everyone Just a quick post... Ford have been in contact with me, offering me a brand new "11 plate fiesta like for like on my current "10 plate fiesta, the only difference being the new one is Frozen White rather than Panther Black and im saving around £30p/m on my finance deal. Incase anyone wants to know I have the following extra's : City Pack, Privacy Glass, Bluetooth. I think thats all of them. I don't understand how they are making money from this deal, the Frozen White fiesta is brand new, 0 miles on the clock, where as mine is approaching 1 year old with nearly 11k on the clock. Anyone able to shed some light on the situation? At the moment it sounds pretty tempting. Kind Regards Kris Eagling