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  1. Strange Unknown Fault Codes

    indeed, this is what gets to me, we have now been to 2 places and one agreed with you and the other has now pointed toward the ABS Pump. The trouble is the second garage never diagnosed the second code they diagnosed the c1288 and not the other code and immediately diagnosed the ABS pump. I'm really very confused...
  2. Strange Unknown Fault Codes

    Thank you for your help, We have taken the car into a Ford Dealer now and they are saying its the ABS Pump at 925+VAT plus labour.....What's the score if they fit this and it doesn't sort the problem out due to the fact that what your saying is it's not the ABS pump. Cheers
  3. Strange Unknown Fault Codes

    Hi all, i'm really really sorry for this to be a first topic of mine but I am losing hair over the issue I am having. I have had the ESP light on on my Titanium now for literally a month just one day it appeared. Now i have OBDII fault codes of C1440 and C1288. Now Ford UK do not know these codes for my car and apparently it only appears in the USA with some ST's. Now I don't have a USA Car nor do i have an ST....as much as i would love one. Now Ford cannot give me a hire car for 3 weeks and wish to charge me £100 to just run a few more tests on it and they reckon its going to be with them for 3 days which is £100 per day plus an overnight fee. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Phil