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  1. I took it to a chap who is a Peugot/Citreon specialist - he did the timing belt on it 3 years ago and knows the engines well. He had one listen and said Turbo and not to worry about it. If only worrying wasn't in my nature!
  2. It does feel like a bit of a gamble going away with it like it is. It's just very frustrating. It's not even audible above 40 ish, perhaps that's because of increased road nose. It's only really noticeable driving around town. I'm going to try to get it in a garage for someone to have a listen. My gut tells me they'll say it's the turbo 😂 and I'll be in the same dilemma. Leave it and see if it gets worse or have it done. The annoying thing is I was planning to replace the car this year but then, like everything, used car prices have shot up and thought I'd keep it for another year. So I'm reluctant to spend, I'm guessing, £7-800 on a new turbo - I don't fancy doing it myself - if the current one would see me through. However, if I could see the future and not changing it meant I'm stuck in somewhere in the middle of France with 4 kids, I'd happily spend the money!
  3. Well it wasn't too bad. There was no oil drips or runs when I disconnected the hose from the turbo. The new one is on but unfortunately it's made no difference to the whine sound. The car still feels and drives fine.
  4. I think I should be able to leave it connected on the intercooler side and let it drop from there. Thanks for the tips. I think I'll just go with this one then as it comes with the clips - but seems there are better quality ones available - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133959041529?hash=item1f3094c1f9:g:B6YAAOSwJRhhsfT4
  5. This one doesn't come with clips but seems better quality - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363709821287?hash=item54aecb7167:g:We0AAOSwRB5esVvU
  6. Thanks again for getting back to me. I can get to the clip on the turbo side, which I think means I can disconnect from the turbo and drop the entire hose assembly. The only thing securing it to engine in the middle is a bolt. I can can then get to the clip on the hose side. A few questions having never done this before.... I take it that hose is going to be a very tight fit? Is it just a case of pull on the bugger considering limited accessibility? Should I be prepared for oil running out (thinking of the drive and the Mrs castrating me for oil everywhere). Would there be any tricks to getting the new one on - lubricant of some kind? And lastly, going by your initial link, if I was to also replace the clips, what size are they https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393529244997?epid=1309763102&hash=item5ba02bbd45:g:MPUAAOSw9UBhJLdJ&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5336640302&toolid=10001&customid=2061X563692X16de61d778dcd5b07c85cd7eb710f6b4 ? I can't find a hose diameter.
  7. The other leak seems to be coming from here - Can anyone throw any light on what might going on there please?
  8. Right, so I had a good look on Sunday and cleaned it up a bit. I couldn't find any splits in any hoses at all. It appears as though the leak is coming from a small hose between the intercooler pipe and the turbo - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133959041529?hash=item1f3094c1f9:g:B6YAAOSwJRhhsfT4 but the leak isn't substantial. I couldn't feel or see (with a little dental mirror) any splits. I tried to tighten up the clip on the turbo side, but the plastic screw would only go so far and slip, so had to just get it as tight as much I could before it felt like it would slip again. The clip the other side wasn't accessible, I couldn't get a socket on it. In terms of performance, the car feel the same. No loss of power. On the motorway you wouldn't know any difference and I can't hear any whining. I'm leaning towards turbo over a belt whine. There's definitely a slight lag in whining and engine speed. Also to clarify, I can get the noise to occur when not moving, I just have to rev up to over 3000 and drop off immediately. It seems to whine at lower revs when actually moving. So I'm a bit conflicted. If I didn't have a big 2000+ mile drive to Spain coming up I'd just leave it and see what happens - which I think I'm leaning towards doing - but the obvious worry is the turbo failing somewhere in Europe.
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but does the timing belt speed differ with engine speed. I'm trying to understand if the whine would differ in pitch in relation to revs if it was coming from the timing belt area. Looking at this video you've now got me concerned -
  10. Thanks. I hadn't considered that 🥴
  11. Thanks. I've been googling Turbo change on the smax but strangely can't seem to find anything. Thought it might give some insight as to whether it's a massive strip job.
  12. One more question if I may. If the issue is above that split - is it possible to get to that from above? Just wondering how to tackle it.
  13. So the sound is definitely more like the Vectra, however, when the car is stationary it doesn't happen. That's what makes it harder to determine. I have to be moving. I don't think I'll be any the wiser until I have another look at the weekend. It's definitely not been happening for ages, a few months now I'd say. The wife was just going on the school run. Got her to start it and give it a rev for a minute while I listened and nothing. Then she pulls out and I can hear it as she drives down the road.
  14. Not entirely sure, but the whine is up and down with revs
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