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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply, just done some googling and found a guy who had same problem and it turned out to be a ' torgue sensor' that controls the electric power steering, it needs a software update due to getting duff info so the power steering must be working too hard for the speed the car is going therefore you get a metal on metal sound repeating. This device stiffens the steering up as you go faster in the car. It was covered by warranty so may give ford a call. Once I know the answer i'll update the topic. cheers ..
  2. Hi, I have a Mk2.5 08 plate 61k miles 1.6 petrol focus. When turning on full lock to leave my drive or say parking there is very loud knocking noise (sounds metal to metal). I have had the car five months and still have 1 month warranty to run with Ford. What do you think it is & do you think it will be covered by Ford. I don't want a big bill so can live with the noise as it only happen at very low speed and on full lock either direction. many thanks for any ideas or help you can give me.
  3. I've just acquired a second hand mk2.5 Style focus with 56k on compared to my old mk1.5 lx it seems alot more noisy in the cabin when driving at 50mph+ , it sounds like a diesel but is a 1600 petrol. is this normal ? . I also noticed on the engine rocker cover some screw holes were a plastic engine cover should/might go which could dampen down the noise. Should this model of come with a cover over the engine. Any feedback would be gratefully received as its bugging me abit at the mo. I expected it to be abit more quieter and refined been an updated model. I got the car from a ford dealership with mot & service just carried out.
  4. Getting Wishbones Back On A Ka?

    Sorted , many thanks guys for your reply, used old faithful (The hammer), Did the back bolts 1st then the ball joint, The drive shaft as gone back on but need to put the rubber boot on and I might need a new metal clip. I'll do that tomorrow the light ran out, once again thanks .....
  5. Getting Wishbones Back On A Ka?

    Hello , I know this is for a KA but need help quick to get car back on the road. I managed to get the wishbones off no problem but for the life of me cant get the new ones back on , They are the correct ones but everything seems in the way and to add make things worse the drive shaft as popped out while i was pushing and pulling everything. Wish i never started now, any help appreciated?
  6. Focus Engine Problems

    Hi, I would invest in a code reader , I've just had sort of same problem engine light displaying , engine misfiring, by using the code reader which plugs under steering wheel it displyed code p0304 (misfire on cylinder4) Turned out to be a faulty coil pack once I had ruled out HT leads and spark plugs. Picked the coil pack up for £15 from the scrapyard. Always go for geniune Ford coil pack. Hope you get it sorted and let us know the outcome ....
  7. Misfire

    Hi, I don't know if you've read earlier post on previous page (coil pack trouble) but I have just cured my misfire with a coil pack from the scrap yard . I got the yellow engine light on while my car was misfiring , especially pulling back when going up hills. Once I got the car back home I read the codes of the ECU which displayed code p0304. This code points the misfire to cylinder 4 , I then had to find out what was causing it so I swopped Spark plugs round and HT leads round but still no joy on cylinder 4, so this then left the coil pack. I did some research and everyone said get a genuine Ford coilpack so before forking out on a brand new one I managed to track one down from the scrapyard £15 The Mondeo, KA , Focus and many more Fords use the same packs so plenty round. So far 48 hrs later car running fantastic and no engine light. My Car as 64k on , I don't know what your milage is. For the sake of £15 its worth trying to put a different coil pack on, If it fixes it good news if not you can rule it out. Sorry for long post but hopefully something above may help you ...cheers ....
  8. Coil Pack Trouble Cylinder 4 Misfire Help

    Just letting you know problem fixed, I got a coil pack from the scrap yard £15. The car now running sweet as a pea. The old coil pack had no tracking marks from no. 4 outlet or underneath it so must have gone wrong inside somewhere. Once again thanks for your reply. :D
  9. Hi, I have a mk1 04 1.4 petrol focus with 64k miles on the clock, While travelling today my Yellow engine light came on and I notice the car was struggling to get up hills (holding back) Once home read the code which was p0304 cylinder 4 misfire. I have checked plugs and HT lead which are all okay so looking like coil pack failure. My question is there any way to test it to make sure before I fork out on a new one, Is there any one out there who has had the same problem and are these coil pack prone to fail around this milage. any help appreciated need car quick for work ,many thanks <_<
  10. Question On Servicing Rear Brake Drums

    anyone out there who as serviced Rear drums with ABS , any advice would be welcome ...cheers
  11. Hi all, I'm just about to service my rear drums on 1.4 mk1.5 focus with ABS. I've undone the 8mm bolt which seems to hold the ABS connector in but the connector doesn't move. Do I have to take the four 13mm bolts out of the back plate and pull the drum off to then disconnect the ABS wire. Haynes manual just says undo it but shows no photos. (very helpful!). Other focus forums show a different conector with no bolt. Please any help appreceiated I don't want to break ABS. The car as 58,000 and the rear drums have never been off since i've had the car (3 years). Doing it this way so I don't damage the bearing , cheers Andy ....
  12. Pollen Replacement

    Thanks for all the replys, Just to let you know I put some roof/gutter sealant from b&q between the housing and windscreen, it was a bit messy but looks okay. It rained quite hard last night and so far no wet patches , I'll keep an eye on it. If I do get a leak I will invest in a new pollen filter housing for £35. Once again many thanks for your suggestions .... andy .....
  13. Pollen Replacement

    Hi everyone, Went to ford today and purchased a pollen filter & seal. On removing the actual pollen filter housing I noticed both clips on the back were broke, so therefore carried on and put the new filter and seal on and clipped the front 3 clips back on and the screw. Will this keep the water out of the car or will I need some sealant as you can see a gap between the filter housing and windscreen were the new seal is. as anyone else had problems with the clips? The focus is a MK1 o4 plate. Thanks for any advice or help on this situation.
  14. Radio Code Needed Please

    Many thanks it works........
  15. Radio Code Needed Please

    Please can someone provide me with the radio code for a 3000, Serial Number M161215