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  1. Focus 1.6ltr poor mpg

    Nice to see you have these sort of constructive conversations on this site ( as a member of loc it might amuse you to know we have members over there who struggle to get 70 miles from £20 in a lexus is200 2.0 six cylinder petrol) which does not make even your worst figures quoted here too "unlivable" albeit not close to official quoted figures in some cases - all good info here and good reading for someone thinking of sliding over to a mondeo diesel
  2. Hardwire Tomtom Charger

    i just opened up the tomtom lead power end and wired ii direct to +/- , bit fiddly but works fine,all the rest of the wire behind dash and just plug and wire needed where tomtom mount goes
  3. Looking For A Tdci Mondeo

    good info thanks - maybe we should do a deal as mine is an upmarket toyota - only joking as im not 100 percent sure on what and when to buy atm - thanks for the info though,food for thought
  4. Looking For A Tdci Mondeo

    thanks mintalkin-any tell tale signs of imminent failure of these parts ? im guessing severe clutch judder for the flywheel ?,,,,,
  5. Looking For A Tdci Mondeo

    Thanks for moving it for me - hopefully more luck here - Nick
  6. hello all , im new to this forum but do belong to others,i am considering buying a mondeo tdci,may want to spend up to £6k . What are the worst things to be aware of with the mondeo tdci and what features or spec levels have the most toys,i have a lexus at the moment so am used to lots of creature comforts and would like as many gadgets and gismos as i can get - what should i be looking for and to avoid ?