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  1. Known Mk2/2.5 Faults/problems

    Where is the link gone?
  2. I have been told that my TDCI 59 1.6 Focus doesn't use Eloy at all is this right as I dont want the DPF blocking up?
  3. Is It True?

    Thanks I'll have a look see..
  4. Hi chaps having a problem with my 09 1.6D Titanium. When setting the console to MPH the temp gauge registers Fahrenheit not Celsius. So how do I get it to show Celsius as it used to be without the MPH changing to KPH?
  5. Setting The Temp Gauge To Celsius

    Thanks Stormin sorted your a star. I haven't clue how it changed I just noticed it had changed and I couldnt get it back.
  6. Can we setup a list of mobile phones that connect to ford bluetooth radio systems I know ford do a list but it doesn't list all the phones. 1. Phones that connect with all phonebook contacts. 2. Phones that just voice connect. 3. Phones that don't connect at all. You get the idea you must list which ford bluetooth system you have as well. I have the ford CD Navigation system with Motorola Q9h phone which connects perfectly with voice and contacts. Also my HP Ipaq hw6910 doesnt connect at all. If this has already been done ignore.
  7. Why European Drivers Like Manual Transmission

    Well I prefer manual as I have better control over the engines power and acceleration.
  8. Focus Turbo Whine

    Mine makes an odd sound but not that one. Turbo units IMO only last if good quality oil is used and given time to circulate before driving off.
  9. How Do You

    How do you clear the Oil Service warning (book with exclamation mark) on a Tit 1.6 duratorq I have it serviced but the garage didn't clear the system they are willing to but its getting the time to drive there. So if its easy can one of you good people explain how to do myself to save a bit of time..
  10. How Do You

    Ok I'll just double check and get back to you. Didn't post because no one seamed to be interested. Right then: 1. Ignition position II 2. Depress both the brake & acceleration pedals and hold 3. Then watch the info console It will say "resetting Oil Service" Do not let the pedals go until it says otherwise. Job done.. B)
  11. The 30 second rule is for oil circulation. On start up it gives time for oil to bearings before under heavy load. I always start any car/bike and let it warm up. When stopping let the impeller slowdown/stop before turning off the motor. Turning off the engine strait away will starve the bearings of oil and cause damage. Thats how I understand the 30 rule its probably totally wrong. I had a XN65 and GPz750 turbo's and never had any trouble with them using this rule. PS. The GPz was a superior bike turbo wise.
  12. How Do You

    Sorted. I spent an hour and figured it as even the garage didn't know how to do it either.
  13. FOC Age group Poll!

    51 going on 17 and still mad that's what the wife sez anyway.
  14. No Spare Wheel For Fiesta Titanium

    I prefer a normal wheel as if you have had to drive @50mph on a dual carriageway or motorway its a scary thing..
  15. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    If you complained about the loose speaker before the sub was fitted that proves its not the sub just show him the receipt of purchase.
  16. Service Oddity

    Well I have just had my Focus 1.6 TDCI 2010 12thou service even though everything is fine I noticed the Air Filter hasn't been replaced but on checking the service schedule its not listed to be changed can this be correct? If so I think I'll replace it myself as it will make me feel better.. :o
  17. Service Oddity

    Right then Catch me ol mucker click on the link then make sure its on UK top left hand not US which states 39.2mpg as there gallon is less than ours and I do assume you mean mpg not mph! ;) :P I cannot alter the average shown as its a direct link so NUTS. Thanks for the update Catch on the Air filter as mine looked quite dirty and may get one anyway.
  18. Servicing

    Well isnt the eloy due for a topup at 37thou if thats included seems reasonable to me. Also if you have a TDCI why would you need Spark plugs??
  19. Recent Service

    As long as its stated as a correct oil type and specified to use with ford engines it should be fine but I always check that its 913 or higher myself.
  20. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    The amount of power which an engine can produce is limited by how much fuel it can burn, and the amount of fuel it can burn is limited by the amount of oxygen in the cylinder. The amount of oxygen in the cylinder is limited by the amount of air in the cylinder. So, if more power is wanted then more air is needed, how do we achieve this? Well a large engine has more air, so it can produce more power, or compress the air before it gets to the cylinders. The key to fuel efficiency is to squeeze as much energy as possible out of a given amount of fuel by burning it as completely as possible. Diesel fuel itself has the potential to produce more power than a like quantity of petrol. Furthermore, high compression ratios help diesels to burn their fuel more completely than petrol engines. And because diesels always intake a full charge of air while varying the amount of fuel, the air-fuel mixture tends to be a very lean mixture at lower power outputs, which helps burn the fuel more completely.
  21. Thrust Bearing Problem???

    God knows why I thought it was under warranty? Where's my tablets.
  22. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Forcing in more air not necessarily more fuel. Turbo engines are designed to take the high pressure turbo's can make but running outside of the boost area the compression is very low and produces a lot less power so to move the car it wastes fuel. Most turbo engines are designed for power but they can be used for economy as well.
  23. Service/warranty

    Thank god for that you guys had me going there as I purchased mine 4 months old due so to get the warranty.
  24. Thrust Bearing Problem???

    Isn't it still under warranty?