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  1. Auto Door Locking?

    Hi, looking for sone more advise please, I have a new shape 2010 fiesta zetec, is there a setting where the doors will automatically lock when the car reaches a certain speed?
  2. Hi, sorry to sound stupid but this is driving me crazy.... a couple of things, first of all I have my phone connectedcvia bluetooth and this works fine as a phone (do not want to use the phone as a music player just a phone) BUT, when I try to connect ipod touch I am having major problems, every time i connect it using the usb it automaticaly switches off the bluetooth in the car and disconnects phone. If I connect the ipod via bluetooth it disconnects the phone (phone is more important to me) So, it connected a memory stick with music on, this has one of two random results, it will either play the music on the memory stick (but switch off the bluetooth in the car) Or not work at all Is it because I iz 40?...... plug and play dawg nab it, plug and play I say :( (also still cant find notch in sill for jacking point but I'll save that one for another day, (when i have found a jack and spare wheel for less that £150, gggrrr) Thanks for listening, rant over, back to work now.
  3. Ipod And Bluetooth

    Sorry I can't help but i have a similar problem, I have got my phone connected vis bluetooth and this works great BUT if I connect my Ipod vis jack or usb it automatically switches off the connection between the car and my phone. Any suggestion on this would alo be appreciated
  4. Fiesta Mk8 Spare Wheel

    Whoa whoa whoa, I am confused now lol. I am not sure what Mk it is (reg Jan 2010). But, what type of jack will I need, can I get a jack from an older model (see how I avoided saying Mk4,5 or 6 there). Thanks again, all help appreciated. Also still struggling to find the jacking point, looked under car and can see the sill lip that I guess the V formation of the jack goes on but I can not see any marks to say where to put the jack (manual clearly shows an indentation top left of manual page 136, otr a flappy down thing again not on mine), anyone out there got a new shape fiesta please help.
  5. Fiesta Mk8 Spare Wheel

    Hi all, I am new here and just looking for a little help, picked up my new (2 months old) ford fiesta last week only to discover that it has the tyre inflation kit and no spare wheel. Unfortunately the dealer was not very helpful when I asked for a spare wheel and jack kit "certainly sir that will be £150.00 please". So a couple of questions, Anyone know wher I can get one cheaper than this (have tried local scrap yards without any luck) Will an older shape wheel and jack kit do the job (maybe mk7) and one more stupid question, where is the jacking point on the new fiesta, the manual says there is an indentatin in the sill but I can see this on my car?. Thanks in advance