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  1. Owners/workshop Manuals

    Hi all now got the printed handbook from previous owner......guess what it doesn't fully match the car!!!!
  2. Owners/workshop Manuals

    Hi again, further details from logbook say variant CHBA1 version 5ZDA NB Zetec engine 1.8 petrol if that helps any. Thanks Martin
  3. Owners/workshop Manuals

    Hi thanks for link I have already been there but a lot doesn't match my model despite putting in Reg No. Martin
  4. Hi been here a while now but just acquired previously owned 2003 Mondeo without handbook. Would like to acquaint myself with controls and general maintenance so would be grateful if anyone has copy to download. Thanks for any help that can be offered. Best regards to all. Martin
  5. Assistance Required

    Hello My first time here and hope someone can help I have a Fiesta Finesse 03 reg with key operated central locking system and an internal tailgate release button. Noticed yesterday the internal release didnt work and had to open tailgate externally with key. Tried to lock car via drivers door and only that door locked (no clicks heard) had to lock passenger door separeately. Reopened car and started engine then all seemed working ok again, but this has occurred several afterwards and again this am. Has anyone any ideas? regards, Martin
  6. Oldie Newbie

    Hello Im Martin, 63 yrs young, had my car since new (the car that is) it's a Fiesta Finesse 03 in Blue. I am going to try my luck in the forums (not looked there yet) to resolve a problem for myself. Maybe I will meet someone who knows exactly what to do (unlike myself) Regards to all Martin