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  1. New Ford Focus Being Delivered

    Under consumer law, you do actually have the right to reject the car on the spot if theres something not right with it, so never mind the fact it's a brand new car, get all over it like it's an old one and be ruthless, you've paid a lot of money, your new car should be perfect, look everywhere, scrutinise the paintwork for chips, scratches and even resprayed paint, because its not unheard of for there to be mishaps with car transporters and exuberant delivery drivers, or when it gets to the dealership, over exuberant apprentice mechanics, wouldn't be the first time I've heard of brand new cars which has had paint repaired on it and the garage has said nothing. We once had a brand new Mondeo which jumped out of 3rd gear when you accelerated hard, turned out the car wasn't brand new, it was a reject from Ireland which had been re-registered as new in the UK! But, no, don't assume because it's brand new theres nothing wrong with it, check it very thoroughly before you sign anything, because once you've driven it away, you'll find it very difficult to argue later unless it has a significant defect which you couldn't have known about on the forecourt. Enjoy your new car when it arrives, though!
  2. Just saying hello

    Hi, just joined the club, I own 2 Fords, I have a 1983 MK3 Escort 1.6 Ghia in Diamond White and I have a 2000 Cougar V6 X-Pack in Dark Tourmaline. Here are pictures of them; I'll put a picture of the cougar up when i get it off my other computer