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  1. New Key - 08 Focus

    Ok, Thanks for the help with this !
  2. New Key - 08 Focus

    Thanks for the replys. I wouldnt mind using the key but its that anoying initial alarm that goes off until you start the ignition. I have put up with this for about 6 weeks now and is starting to bug me. Or the car alarm that goes off if anyone opens another door or the boot. The key works fine as a normal key it is just the remote functions that are not working.
  3. New Key - 08 Focus

    Hi, I have a 08 Focus, my main key no longer opens the central locking. I replaced the battery and this improved for a little while, I then took it to ford who have said its the key that needs replacing and will be £187.00 +VAT. Any idea where I can get this done Cheaper? Thanks!
  4. Focus 08

    Hi, My 08 Focus has just hit 70,000 Miles, I got the car with high mileage around 44k and Have had it for around 2.5 years now, so have been doing around 10k a year. I was wondering Whats the rough mileage for things like cam belt etc?. I have had a full service done twice on it at around £200 - £300 (Including MOT) Thanks in advance....
  5. Mpg 1.6 Focus

    Its a petrol, I mainly do short journeys (7 miles a day ) but i do a 20 mile commute (40 miles return) 3 times a week on A roads.
  6. Mpg 1.6 Focus

    I have a 1.6 Focus Zetec 2008, I used to get around 34MPG, but since Fuel has gone up I have decided to start a bit of eco Driving and have managed to get an average of 41MPG which means my full tank has gone from 385 Miles to around 460. Due a service next month so its not being its most economical at the moment. Is it possible to get much more than 41MPG out of the 1.6 ? , does anyone get much more ?
  7. Timing Belt - Focus 2008

    Thanks for the replies guys, I have the 3 year service due in feburary so i think i will have it checked over as it will be more like 60k then.
  8. Timing Belt - Focus 2008

    Hi, My focus has done 54k i was just wondering what the recommended mileage for a timing belt change was? the car averaged 22k miles a year for the first 2 years before i got it. I have been looking around and from what i can see people are saying around 100k is a good time but most mechanics recommend sooner. Visually the belt looks fine, What is a good price for getting this done ?. Thanks
  9. Petrol

    I have a 1.6 zetec and tend to get 430 miles from a full tank which is about £60 so £20 will get me 140 miles give or take. Edit : This is with 2 people in the car and air con on , not long distance, just every day use.
  10. Aux Port On 6000 Radio

    Thank you !
  11. Aux Port On 6000 Radio

    Hi My 6000 radio i have fitted in my mk2 focus has an aux button. I asked in halfords about getting a aux port put in the glove box where the blanking pannel is and they quoted me £110 and then advised me to invest into a parrot system with ipod connectivity for £199 instead. How easy is it it wire in an aux port? can i get it done cheaper than £110?. Is it possible for a novice to do?. My cars only a 2008 so i dont really want to go mucking around to much with it. Thank you
  12. St170 Fog Lights

    I did think it was quite cheap!
  13. St170 Fog Lights

    Hey are these the ones you are after ? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Front-Fog-Light-lamps-Ford-Focus-ST170-ST-170-SET-NEW-/230493848418?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item35aa810362
  14. Quick Question

    I dont think so my mates W reg doesnt have it.
  15. Quick Question

    Yes there is normally a small black rubber strip between the bonnent and the car. Well there is on mine (08) and my mates (55) any way.