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  1. Escort Van 6000Cd & 10 Disc Changer

    Yep. It has Ford emblazoned upon the sliding door. I'll try and get pics up tomorrow if there's no joy with a solution.
  2. Northwest Meet

    Are vans allowed? :D I'm hoping to have my Escort van on the road before the end of the month..... <_<
  3. I normally replace my tyres well before they reach the legal minimum. I find that after a fair mileage, they tend to go off anyway so I replace them regardless. I had Khumo Ecsta Sports on a modded Calibra. New they had 10mm tread on them. I covered about 12k on them before I changed them. They still had about 4mm-5mm tread left but they weren't gripping as well as they used to.
  4. Hiya guys/gals, I have a MK6 Escort van fitted with a 6000CD head unit. It says changer compatable and it has a rectangular 13 pin socket on the back. I also have a Ford 10 disc changer removed from a MK6 Escort but this has a round DIN plug on it. Is there an adapter lead available to convert round DIN to the rectangular type? I've tried searching online without luck so far.
  5. Hiya From Blackburn

    Hiya guys and gals. Newbie to Escorts here. I've had a few Couriers and Transits before but I'm on my first Escort van. I bought it Cat C salvage for £200 and I'm in the process of getting it back on the road. I've fallen on my feet with this one really as I called both VOSA and DVLA and they have not assigned a VIC marker against it so that will save me a bit of hassle. It was recorded as cosmetic damage only and uneconomical to repair which, I would have thought would make it cat D but hey ho! It's a T plate, 1999, and apart from the accident damage (a slight crease on the F/O/S wing and driver's door, and a missing door mirror) it is near mint for it's age. I've checked it all over and the only rust I can find is around the anchoring points in the load area. The sills have been welded previously and all neatly painted up so it has obviously been looked after. The engine runs sweet as a nut, although it does take a bit of cranking to start. I think it may need new glow plugs, I had the same issue on a Courier with the same Endura DE engine and new plugs sorted it out. I'm planning a few alterations (I won't say modifications as I can't afford to be a petrol head these days lol). I want to fit C/L and de-lock it. Put in some decent but cheap ICE and I need to fit a roof rack and get it signwritten. Anyway, here it is as it looks at the moment.