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  1. tommy.h

    Cost To Fix Scuff On Bumper

    Hi if the scuff has only taken the lacquer off. just wipe over with meths then with a very fine brush touch up with clear lacquer. its quite easy really as cars nowadays are painted then lacquered over.(Tcut does not work on modern cars for this reason) tom
  2. tommy.h

    Mk3 2002 Mondeo Cutting Out

    Hi just a thought check your earth connections. there should be one underneath the battery that is for both the glow plugs and the airbags. as i said this is just a guess . tom
  3. Hi 2 things to check. 1:-crank case breather could be blocked. 2:-check for any water ingress to the main harness junction near the bulkhead.(a little WD40 may help here). tom
  4. Hi Mattiff does sound like crank case ventilation system is blocked somewhere. cannot find any common problems mentioned in the info i have, would definitely mention to local ford garage when car goes for service (this is not normal) regards tom
  5. tommy.h

    Noisy Steering

    Hi Jpunter check your fluid level. sounds like it may be low. happened to my mondeo. tom
  6. tommy.h

    Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Hi Judd p1211 coming up injector control pressure - high/low possible cause wiring/injector/ecm tom
  7. tommy.h

    Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Hi Pagdin far as i can make out filter should be changed about every 35k miles. i only posted as i thought this info may help. the last time i had a problem like this was blocked cat.( but that was on a petrol car) tom
  8. tommy.h

    Mondeo 2003 Tdci Glow Plug Issue

    Hi Mark may be worth checking the attached document. it seems to give the right fault codes tom
  9. tommy.h

    Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Hi Juddy may be worth checking the attachment tom
  10. tommy.h

    Auto G/box Fluid?

    Hi Ippy asked at gearbox repair shop not long ago & was told they are sealed for life. don't know if this is true. tom
  11. Hi Trev if you pm me i think i have all the info you need tom
  12. tommy.h

    Battery Light On

    Hi check fuses 2,7,8 & 19 tom
  13. Hi sporty1 not sure if this helps, but if cat converter is blocked engine will not rev very high due to blockage. tom
  14. tommy.h

    Wheel Noise

    jbeer please let us know how you get on. info can also help others thanks tom
  15. tommy.h

    Fan Fail?

    Hi fan is usually controlled by a thermostatic switch mounted on or near the radiator or top hose(normally has two wires connected) if wires are shorted then fan should run. check fuses and also relay 12 first though tom