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  1. Ford Focus Central Locking

    Hi, I have a focus '99 1.6 Zetec 5 door hatch. Wife came out of work before Christmas and the remote would not work. Changed the remote battery but still not working, so we used the key to unlock front doors, central locking was completely dead, and boot release button would not work. After a bit of a google, I have found that fuse 63 on the back of the fuse box in the glove box had blown. Replaced the fuse, so now the central locking works, but if you press the lock button twice the fuse blows again. Now I am not 100% sure of what the double press does - assuming deadlock as you would hear a sound from the door when it was working, and indicator lights flash 3 times, so was that immobiliser? Anyway, just looking for some advise on how to isolate what the actual problem is without an expensive trip to the garage. Thanks in advance.
  2. Low Idle Speed When Warm??

    V (99) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec, 127000 miles, full service history (stamped log book, all receipts), bought from friend. I have had the car a few weeks now, and to me it seems to idle marginally lower than expected... After the car has warmed up the idle speed is just below the 3rd mark, the one prior to 1000rpm indicator, and there is a very slight vibration, which disappears if revs increased. At night, with headlights on and fans running, it does drop down a tad. Now I read that the idle speed should be 700+/-30rpm. If that is true, is the mark it is just below 750rpm? If so that would mean it is idling around 700rpm. When we first got the car it idled slightly lower, so I took it to a garage. They put it on the diagnostics, which were all fine, and generally checked the car over. They found a vacuum pipe in really bad condition and replaced it, the friend I bought the car from knocked the cost of the repair (£50) from the price, after the work was done the vibration doesn't feel as bad. I have never owned a focus before, and generally the car is in good condition for the age, and runs fine, so is it just me being a bit finicky?