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  1. Hi guys I'm wondering if you can help me. This is a bit of an odd request but while in the ford showroom purchasing my new fiesta, I couldn't help but notice how comfortable the customers' chairs were that are positioned next to the sales staffs' desk. I'm not sure if all ford dealerships have this kind of office chair seating but I've since been trying to find out where I can purchase the same swivel/office chair. Unfortunately I don't have a picture I just know its black and chrome, it swivels (lol) seems to offer great support for back and legs and its on casters. Any help would be useful, thanks in advance :)
  2. Ipod Connection

    Brins>> thats what I was thinking, have a look at my post.
  3. What connection does a Fiesta Zetec Blue have?

    For anybody out there wondering the same as me, the connector is a standard 3.5mm connection (same as you have on the end of your earphones). Just buy a small 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and connect your portable device to your stereo jack and hit AUX et voila! Picked up my car on Sat, and I'm soooo happy, it looks the dogs dangles, I am so pleased!
  4. What connection does a Fiesta Zetec Blue have?

    Cheers Russ for the info! I actually have the product brochure in the first link you gave me and have noticed the MP3 connection. As for the 2nd link i have seen a similar picture somewhere else and have noted that the MP3 player in question rather looks like a Sony NWZA818W or smilar. Looking at the image in the 2nd link you gave and comparing it to the link I've given to Amazon, I'd conclude that the cable from the player connected to the car looks like a 3.5mm stereo cable. Well its near the weekend, so I'm sure I'll find out one way or another! Thanks once again for you reply!
  5. Hi guys, my first post! Hopefully I'm in the correct forum. I take delivery of my new Fiesta Zetec Blue (black) on Saturday however there is one thing puzzling me. I understand that there is an MP3 connector on the dash or thereabouts, I was wondering what sort of MP3 player fits in there? Does the connection accept standard USB like you get on a memory stick (like this) or is the connector smaller like you have on a phone (to the left of the picture) I have a cheapy USB MP3 player and a Sony NW-HD5. Thanks in advance! :)