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    2010 Fiesta Titanium Individual 1.6 TDCI
  1. Happy Birthday TitaniumBeard!

  2. Individual Leather

    Ooo, the blue one! very sexy, im just about to go get in the car so i'll have a gander, hadn't noticed it before tho... And my car is 12 months old now with over 16000 miles on the clock, and im hauling big guitar amps on the back seat, not a mark yet, so seconded on the quality!!
  3. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Thanks for pointing that out! I never did get my head round that site properly, I was just plugging in what my receipt said, I guess i just brimmed it? I always go to 3 clicks when filling up. Either way I'm not using the site any more, too much hassle with receipts and i never remember to write it up!
  4. Chosing Rims For My Fiesta

    what's the colour of the car? I reckon the third one down would look pretty nice on my white titanium!
  5. Individual Leather

    I have the keyless and the power start too, only problem mechanically i had with the car is that the passenger side keyless stopped working, but that was all sorted under warranty. really the black and white look pretty good with the red individual, and the magenta too, if thats your thing! remember to hit me up when you get the car, still looking forward to pics!
  6. Individual Leather

    Well here they are: The stamped Individual thingy has gotten less in-your-face over time, Oh and I should mention I've done around 14,500 miles in this car. A slight bit of movement where my left butt cheek sits, but again thats only to be expected i guess! I like the door sills, its gives that bit where your arm rests an expensive kinda feel, much more than plastic of velour anyway! The back is actually surprisingly nice looking with the headrests all folded up, and even tho i have passengers most of the time, its not worn a bit at the back. Only piece of wear i can really see is bottom right of the steering wheel where my hand sits on long journeys, tho im looking into getting it cleaned up. Anyone know any good leather cleaning products? And thats where i have sat over the last 14,500 miles, and i must say its not looking that bad at all! :D I should also say that I came from having a 1997 Mercedes S320 with grey leather interior and that was lovely leather! But this stuff, even if it is only a covering, is very nice as well. I hope this helped, and im looking forward to seeing your car when it turns up!
  7. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I've just changed my vote too, im now in the 50-60 mpg range! Im very happy with that considering i dont always drive like an Eco Angel and considering my average speed is only 23 mph, i'd say that pretty much town driving all the time! :D On my longest Eco run, sitting at 57 mph (cruise control nearly 100% of the time) all the way to Amsterdam I got: Left early Thursday morning in July 2010 from Cambridge to Dover Ferry to Calais Drove to Amsterdam parked in a park and ride, had a wicked stagg do for my friend Drove back all the way through Holland and Brussels to France ferry to Dover and ended up at Stansted before I had to fill up! I made it 670 miles! But then again the coast of Holland, Brussels and France are really flat... :D
  8. Individual Leather

    Yeah sure i'll get a pic now and post it after this, what colour car have you ordered? I've seen it on the Black, Magenta and White (obviously!)
  9. Individual Leather

    I have the Individual pack on my Titanium, i love it to bits! :D i got my car rather cheap indeed tho and the offer was on a car with the pack already on, but i wanted leather from the start. If you want some pics i'll take some...? Oh lol, its been so long since i posted, i forgot they are in my signature! XD
  10. Pitch Black Fiesta.jpg

  11. Bird Droppings

    Halfords, go get a bottle of Turtlewax Bug and Tar remover, costs a fiver, then one of the 200g polishing cloth packs £3 and finish off with a pair of scissors. The spray bottle fits in the polish bag and the whole caboodle fits nicely in the corner of the boot! Win! It keeps my white festa looking great and takes all of 5 mins after a journey to get rid of everything buggy and tar-like!
  12. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    good, to be honest after reading this thread i was worried that the MPG of the fiesta would be poor, but im actually very happy with it! either way its a massive change from my old Mercedes S280, that got an average of 16MPG! :D
  13. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I really need to get in on this and defend the Fiestas MPG, my car (Titanium 1.6TDCi [95]) has now done just over 700 miles and the average MPG is sitting pretty at 53.9 according to the trip computer and 53.7 according to the interwebs and a calculator. Now looking at the Ford website they quote 54.3MPG for urban, and as my average speed was only 23mph i would call that pretty urban... Im not driving like a saint, and im not stretching every gear to the limit, but i am getting, near as damnit, what they quote. Im keeping my receipts so i can keep an accurate log and i'll keep hitting this post everytime i fill up, which should be every 10 days or so. Hope this helps
  14. Received & Fitted Red Footwell Led's Today...

    Mine arrived today, I was going to make a short video to show what to do... but it took all of about 2 mins! hilarious! Either way, pictures to follow once its dark! :D
  15. is lovin' his new car!