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  1. Hello all i recently got an st200 mondeo and its recently started playing around, acceleration is fine and motorway driving is also fine but if your driving around town and holding a steady anything under 50 it seems to judder and keeps trying to hold back. Its got 8mm magnecore leads which are around 15k old and irodium plugs which are also around 15k old so i would of thought they would have both been ok. Every now and then the idle will change (not drastic) sometimes it will idle at around 1000 and others around 650 so im wondering if there linked. Im going to have the throtle body off and the idle valve off to give them a good clean up to see if theres any difference but has anyone else got any other sugestions? Thank you
  2. Focus Bonnet Issue

    hi eveyone i just got my first focus today a 1.8 zetec on a 2000 plate, but after getting her home i had a job getting the bonnet open and when i finally did all seemed well. i then shut it and havent been able to get into it again the key turns all the way to the left and right but does nothing. i have since managed to remove the grill (aftermarket one) to give me some more room to see what going on but i still cant. is there any way i can get this open? and has anyone else had any problems? thanks for your help