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  1. Searching for alarm fuse

    My 07 smax with 26k miles at 22.35 on new years eve developed the alarm sounding problem. 14 times the alarm sounded. Fortunately it couldn't be heard over the explosions of all my neighbors fireworks as much as it would have any other evening. Alarm even sounded when the alarm was left off. The next business day i started the smax to take to main dealer and wipers would not work in the rain in the first instance so I waited for the next day when it was not raining to drive smax to main dealer. The next day I started smax and this time wipers would not stop from wiping the windscreen in their fastest setting but today it was not raining. Typical! I drove smax to Gates Ford Harlow and parked it in their repairs queue. Wipers were still wiping away in their fastest mode despite car not having keys in ignition so they loaned me a spanner to disconnect battery. Car is out of warranty now so Henrys pockets will be benefiting from the looming repair bill funds due to what sounds like Henrys poor design of the Alarm Control Unit in the first instance.
  2. Hello all I bought a 2007 s max tdci with 18k miles on it and ffsh. When I lift up gas pedal strange noise fm over my left shoulder same as above spoke to ford gbp1 per minute technical not a clue support line and also fords wash my hands of any issue to do with a ford customer support line. Both including dealer have never heard of this before.so they say.the only comment ford could advise with certainty was that it was definitely not a warranty issue.surprise surprise.The dealer gates at epping only contribution was to suggest start stripping the car and turbo and exhaust etc at gbp 120 ph minimum 8 hrs work to advise what the issue is. Any one else had similar over the left shoulder noises when lifting the gas pedal when changing gear plse would be very helpful and much appreciated. None of them suggested fuel pump as an option however but possibly this is because this would be the cheaper option. thankyou in advance