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  1. focus power steering pump and pipe

    I'm back and we didn't get rid of the car after 12/18 months. Guess what's leaking again!! I am surprised it lasted as long as it has to be honest. I've owned the car six years and this will be the third time the steering pump has gone - hoping it's just the pipe but experience tells me otherwise :(
  2. focus power steering pump and pipe

    Our garage advised us to get rid before it went again - they think we'd get another 12 - 18 months and it would likely go again. They think that there is a batch of cars that have a fault or else Ford wouldn't be stocking up on such an expensive item.
  3. Hello from sunny Lancashire :D I've just been googling as I'm a little upset that my power steering has failed for the second time in 18 months. It's such a shame as my Focus is a really good car. So much so we were hoping to get another one in 2 years but now not so sure as I don't want to be replacing the power steering unit every 18 months!
  4. focus power steering pump and pipe

    I'm new here. I've been googling power steering problems with Focus' as I have just taken my car to the garage after the power steering has failed again. This is the second time in 18 months! Last time it cost me just over £400. This time it's going to just under £600. I'm not a happy chappy. The garage have contacted Ford parts to see if there is any warranty etc but as it's 6 months past the 12 months warranty we have no option but to pay up again. Our local Ford have 60 units in stock so it seems they are aware of the problems. They have also put their prices up a hell of a lot in the last 18months. The pipe was £40 18 months ago - it costs £80 now! Seems Ford are aware of the problem and are making money out of it too. I'm fuming :( It's such a shame as my car is a really good car, apart from this!!!