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  1. What Could Be Wrong?

    Mine does this as well !! I was told by ford it's because there is no sycromesh on reverse and the gears are straight cut rather then beveled . They told to just put it in first then into reverse. And if it get so bad it's under warenty anyway. Seems to work ok just when i forget and get the horrid "i'm grinding metal shavings into your gear box noise" :o
  2. I Pod

    Hi Not sure what unit it is but you need to look for the AUX IN if it has one. If there is a button on the stereo there will be a 3.5mm socket somewhere for you to connect your ipod to .
  3. Mk7 Fiesta With Oz Ultraleggeras

    Nice ! I was thinking of sticking my 17" OZ racing super turismo's on for all those reasons :D But the street pack ones i have do look nice and far easier to clean than my turismo's !
  4. Throttle Body ?

    If i can find one and it's anything like the focus one they are fairly easy to fit, and the ECU's do "learn" so they do adjust themselfs to the extra air and throttle response Just need to find somewhere that makes or sells them
  5. Throttle Body ?

    Hi all Wondering if anyone knew where i could get (if they even do one ) a larger throttle body for the Zetec S 1.6 petrol ? Had a 65mm one for my focus and acceleration improved alot !. Basicly it's a larger diameter which opens sooner
  6. Air Con

    All sorted They had to regas it and seems ok now :D
  7. Northants And Surrounding Areas, Show Your Faces!

    I'm in northampton :D
  8. Air Con

    Hi Guys During the recent hot weather, i got to use the air con for the first time on my 10 plate Zetec S and well i was a little dissapointed .It was 28 degrees outside so when i put it on i was expecting at artic wind the same as my old focus. What i actual got was a cool breeze yes it was cold but i could have the thing on full blast and recirc and not really feel chilly or have to turn it down:( Anyone else get the same? Goes in to ford today to be checked they say i should get -6 to -10
  9. Hi All

    Well lots :D I do have a BMC induction Kit that i took of the focus a very nice carbon fiber one which i would like to fit :D And a 12" infinity sub that would sit in the boot very nicely. Working on some colour coded fog light surrounds, fed up of getting polish on the plastic ones and don't like the chorome ones !. I Have fitted an extra line in socket in the back so the kids can choose the music via the ipod touch without cables all over the place :) And put in a power lead for my tomtom so i dont' have cable drapped everywhere ! Can you tell i don't like cables wrapped round the whole car :P Other than that not much the Zetec S with street pack has just about all i need. Do miss power folding mirrors may look at a mod upgrade as i fitted these to my focus ! :D
  10. New Member

    Hi mate Yeh that was me :D How you doing ? Andy
  11. New Member

    Just thought i'd say hi :D New member, new car location northampton would be great if there's anyone else around I own a Mk7 zetec S had it 3 months and love it :) Use to own a Mk1 focus saloon Spent many years with the FFOC anyone around from there who knows me or the car say hi be good to catch up Andy
  12. Hi All

    Hi all Just thought i'd introduce my self i'm andy, owned a 10 plate zetec S now for 3 months and loving it :D Was a member of the FFOC for many years with this Maybe theres someone who knew me or the car on here :) Look forward to your help as i nothing about tunning or styling the fiesta .....the focus on the other hand :D Andy
  13. Fitting A Subwoofer From Ford Acsessories

    Any ideas on how to wire this up please :D I'm use to having a 800 watt sub in the boot :) But it's just not going to leave me any room in the fiesta I have the six speaker system doesn't sound to bad but is it worth upgrading the speakers or are the ones i have already fairly good Thanks Andy
  14. Fiesta Mk7 Small Problems

    I must admit No3 annoyed me for a while But i found just sliding my right arm backwards between the door and the seat and grabing the belt that way was much easier than trying to get it over the shoulder :D Andy
  15. Warning Mountune Heartlands Ford Tamworth

    Good choice the guys at northampton motorsport should be able to sort you out :D They looked after my 2L focus saloon on throttle bodies with 180bhp for 5 years till i blew a piston ring :( Then i scrapped it for a Sea grey Zetec S and sold all the bits on Ebay Andy