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  1. This might help someone. Recently done a timing belt on a 1.6ti 2006 focus. It was bit of a rush job and didn't personally testdrive vehicle after. Car is not used much and was took out a couple of weeks after the timing belt only for it to fail to start after 5mins of driving after being shut off. Symptoms described was a single click. Car was recovered and I took a look this weekend some 4 weeks after the issue. Battery was down to 11.7v turned engine over by hand before attempting to start to make sure not valve to piston issue and no problems. Jump start still just a single click Bump start worked. Car drove 2miles and it conked out again and had flattened the battery. Went back out to the car and I noticed I hadn't reconnectedthe main terminal or the plug to the alternator when I done the timing belt! So Car worked a while until it killed the battery. Managed to get it back to my place by swapping batteries from a working car and Bump starting. Multimeter showed no continuity between positive and alternator. So what had happened was that the main terminal on the alternator had shorted to the engine and blown the fuse that sits in the main cable just after the battery. Purchased a 175 amp OTO strip fuse from halfords and drilled and bolted it inside the standard plastic holder 😉 car ran like a dog after but connected laptop and cleared the numerous codes and car back fine.
  2. OK thanks likely disturbed something during the timing belt change as you say. Havent got round to look as currently on holiday. Will keep you all updated - tks
  3. Yes not the best pictures or indeed the best circle:-) was so in a rush to pack up and get to work that was as good as it got at the time. Hopefully it is the reservoir as that was pulled out the way when I done the timing belt. Will of course keep you all updated and thanks for sticking with me 🙂
  4. OK will need to take a closer look. Literally had 10 mins to put car back on the floor and tidy all tools up so just snapped the pictures. To confirm it was a constant drip well one every 40 seconds or so whilst engine was running after doing the timing belt and looked like it was coming from the area circled but as I say very quick look as I was very time poor and still am 😞
  5. Helping out someone with their focus. Done the timing belt and before I even started I noticed oil collecting at the bottom of the compressor. When I started the engine after the timing belt change I noticed oil dripping from the ac compressor mounting bolts (lowest point). Took a picture and looks to be a union of some sort above the AC compressor. Couldn't get decent pictures as run out of time before work. Is there an oil feed or return in this area? Don't think I disturbed anything there closest I was was the removal of the starter to lockthe engine up but that was a waste of time as it just broke the single tooth from the tool so used the screwdrivers wedged near the driveshaft method.
  6. Just as an update for others who stumble across this. I ordered the Dayco kit from Euro's and it came with the above mentioned install tools. So you get the 2 belts and the 2 tools for 43.99. Job done and fired up after the timing belt change. Have got an oil leak that is dripping down onto the compressor was already wet with oil there wil post up some pictures but left phone at home so cannot do that now. Will start a new thread.
  7. OK was rather hoping that there was a way without that tool hard to justify for one off use. You are not local to Romford essex are you?Thanks
  8. Just done the timing belt everything went well until I came to try and fit the stretch belts back on. The crank pulley had two belts on. Back belt drives water pump alternator and power steering front belt drives the ac compressor. Anyone got any tips for getting them back on? This is now holding me up finishing the job 😞 have seen a tool that looks like it bolts to waterpump pulley and that walks it on but price not so good. I know when I done a fiesta the new belt came with a piece of metal that slipped on the crank to pull the belt on but this was a single track pulley. Thanks in advance
  9. 1.6 ti timing belt never been done 2006 model. Milwaukee m18 3/4 wouldn't budge it 😞 ended up drilling the shoulder then chisel and map gas got it going. Think if was going to do one again would go straight to this method
  10. New wishbones fitted and rear ARB link and now have a years mot 🙂 wishbones not too bad a job one side the nut on the balljoint took a lot of persuading to remove the initial release of torque was easy but the removal up the thread was a challenge. New liner also fitted and wheel alignment.
  11. OK but I found this and measured what came off and it is the same as the description for the biggest on the attached. However it could be that the wrong part was fitted by someone amd if the maximum on the taper is 18mm on the smaller one then I can't see that working?
  12. OK so MOT failed with off side and near side spy Bush. Have removed the wishbones and used a piece of paper to "print' the receptacle for the taper. The print is 18mm ie the bit on the hub. Assume the measurement of either 18mm or 21mm is measured like that? So is that the 18mm required? Tks
  13. Hi, it is the rear ARB bush that has snapped the bottom Hex nut off and obviously lost the bottom part of the bush. Did read that track cars suffer from wearing the liner. Car hasn't been on track 😉
  14. Hi assume these are standard focus wheels? Tyres are 205 55 16. Will perform the test described. Looks like original WB on there and car has done 146k. Liner was not best secured towards the rear of the car but everything else seems in order. Have ordered a new liner and obviously rear ARB bush and bolt. Will report back thanks
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