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  1. Fuel Metering Unit Needed Urgent

    Found 2 on ebay Here and here The second link of the two has 3 available for sale (as i guess hes a bit of a sierra specialist) Hope this helps & best regards BenH
  2. Mileage Display Help!

    *pictures all the crap in the bottom of your tank getting sucked into the fuel system* Eww, that makes me shudder.
  3. Car Insurance

    I had Lexham do that back when I used to ride a 50cc Slowped (being 16 i couldn't get my hands on a car, alright! ), they put my premium up for no reason - so i changed to Chaucer. Its really irritating and stupid at times how they work it out but perhaps its just been a bad year for 1.3 MKV Fiestas with drivers in their 20's :S Who knows.
  4. I agree with what your saying here, I usually use between £10-20 Optimax a month when I can (it does seem to help) - and run my car on super unleaded - otherwise it starts to rattle a bit (sounds like the start of a knock/pink). Every time I put normal unleaded in it seems to run a bit rougher so I don't bother anymore. You can get fractionally more MPG and cut down deposits by using higher octane fuel better, as its a slightly cleaner burn. Although it will cost you more to run your car on SU, you'll notice the difference in the long run. P.S. If you get your car serviced at a Ford dealership (Hartwell ford near me (Beds.) look after my car surprisingly well, where as camden used to botch my uncles Focus), they'll flush your engine with one of the top end service packages. It will cost a bit more to get it done at Ford but they have the right diagnostic equipment & if you have a FFSH with dealer stamps your car will be worth more when you come to sell/par-ex it anyway. Regards BenH
  5. Car Insurance

    Play the insurance companies off against each other, I managed to get my yearly premium down from £1900, to £700 (yes I know, pricey - but I'm young) by taking the pass plus course for new drivers after I passed my test, and playing the insurance companies off against each other by asking to beat each others quotes; the cheapest 2 I found eventually were More Than and co-operative (even though they wouldn't take my pass plus into account!) Good luck with your endeavors!
  6. Jumping Out Of Gear

    The problem could be related to several things, my friend had a similar problem with his '99 Volvo S40 in 4th gear at around 45-50mph (its caught me out a few times while Ive been driving it). It was solved with replacing a worn gearbox linkage. There are a number of things that it could be, mainly due to excessive wear of the gearbox components, although it could be down to a loose gear linkage that just needs tightening up (although they usually do that during the service process if it needs it). Furthermore does it pop out of gear when you lift off the accelerator or does it do it regardless? Here is a link with an answer to essentially the question you asked on wiki answers. I wish you the best of luck in solving this problem. Regards
  7. My father owns a 2.0 diesel Kuga which has recently developed a sort of high pitch hum which is starting to annoy both of us. It is audible from both inside and outside of the car (although at greater volume outside). I was wondering if it could be the fuel pump, as it has that sort of tone to it, or even perhaps the power steering. Has anyone else experienced a similar noise, and if so was it an issue? Cheers
  8. Convertible Roof Motor

    Looks like the *solenoid* that 'pulls' the cable is missing to me. I hear tell of problems with the street ka where the boot opens itself even when the car is locked... perhaps this was the cause of the previous alarm problems, and the mechanic forgot to put it back together properly, either way id go back to the garage and talk to them about it, £40 sounds reasonable-ish for the part (I payed £20 just for a reversing light switch!). Perhaps if you could get hold of a (Haynes) workshop manual; its always useful to have one lying around for the car you own anyway (or do what I do and flick through them in Halfords before I undertake any work :P), you would be able to confirm the missing parts identity and see if the wiring for it is indeed missing. Good Luck!
  9. Fiesta Track Project

    Sounds like a plan to me. Your never going to have a rocket in a strait line, but getting it stiffened up a bit will definitely help you claw back the time in the corners, after all, ford's have always had great handling! (bar the old mkIII 'tina) :P P.S. some new stiffer anti roll bars work magic.
  10. Fuel Injector Clip

    The clip is there for a reason, although if your feeling confident you could try driving without it, worst case scenario is a bit of a fuel leak :P. If its the weird little square clip off the boxy thing (the one I'm thinking about, just before the fuel rail), you should be able to source on for pennies at a ford dealer as I think they are supposed to be replaced after they've been removed. Good luck with the spark plugs too! WD40 works miracles if they are a bit bound (mine were despite a service every 5,000 miles!).
  11. One of the few quibbles I have with my car is the fact that as the ultra-base model KA, I have 1. no rev counter & 2. no central locking. With irritating quibble 1. on the way to being solved, I have turned my mind to the issue of a lack of no central locking. After installing a new head unit and speakers (as well as running speaker cabling under my carpet to the boot for a pair of alpines in my shelf), I noticed the KA has a cable operated locking system. I know from past experience (although a poor one), that remote-central-locking kits exist for cars with cable operated locking systems, and was wondering if this could be a solution to my problem. However I was also wondering if I could nip to a breakers and perhaps grab the servos and wiring from there to fit them to my car (although admittedly I'd have to play electrician, not that its a problem). This leads me to the point. Does anyone have any experience with the electronic central locking available in the KA, and if so what would you suggest? Any help and suggestions are appreciated Cheers
  12. Fiesta Track Project

    Low profiles perhaps & some new springs - maybe a de-cat if its a track car or a sport high flow cat if you intend to use it on the road too (you probably wont pass an mot without a cat)- Some struts + a roll cage for sure (you can get them quite cheap). After that, the list goes on, and on of little things that will improve your performance - an ECU remap might be a good idea too.
  13. Instrument Panel Swap/tacho

    Your right about both points, however the dash doctor for my area was unable to help me as my KA is only of the only few cars he cant work with! He was very helpful however and was able to point me to another of his colleagues local to me who might be able to Assist me. I've dropped 'revtech' an email for a price quote, as I assume its going to be cheaper than my ford dealers. Ill also get in touch with a mechanic I know at my local Ford dealership and see what he can do. Thanks for year help, you've cleared this up for me.
  14. Hey :P Newbie from Luton here, I just acquired my first car (an '05 KA), off of a family member, its low mileage with a FFSH so i guess its the perfect place to start for an 18 year old like myself. Im looking to start making the car a bit more 'driver friendly' (the lack of a tacho is driving me mad!), as well as a little bit more practical! Im sure this forum will come in very handy in the future as a resource to help me with my modding.
  15. I want to swap my instrument panel (in my '05 KA) out for a cluster with a tachometer. I recently acquired the new cluster from a breakers yard out of another 1.3 SOHC KA. Both the panels are digital and i was wondering if the mileage of the car is stored; a ) on the ECU or b ) on the instrument cluster itself (or both) this is because I would like to ensure that my car retains its legitimate mileage I was also wondering if I could even modify the existing instrument cluster to incorporate the tachometer from the one I recently purchased, or move the odometer memory unit over from my original cluster to the new one. I have considered using an aftermarket tachometer but recently disregarded the idea as i want to keep my KA looking as original and neat as I can. Any help is appreciated, you can reach me at ben33cc@hotmail.com in addition to replying to this post Cheers