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  1. Hi All, I recently bought an x reg Ford Focus Ghia. It has been running well, but I have recently noticed a squeaking noise coming from the front driver side, especially when I turn corners. The car doesn't seem to run any worse. When I bounce the front passenger and driver side car when parked, it makes an annoying squeaking noise.No squeaking coming from the rear when I do the same! Is this something to do with the suspension Bushes? If so, is this an expensive job to replace, a common problem or just something else completely? Many thanks Andy
  2. Ford Focus X Reg 1.8 Ghia Clutch Problem

    Hi, Yeah, I had a look at some forums. and apparently it is a very common Ford, especially Focus fault. Ive seen 2 different views on what needs to be done. Either the clutch pedal pin can be fixed, or more likely a whole new master cylinder...which is obviously a much more expensive option :s Frustrating
  3. Ford Focus X Reg 1.8 Ghia Clutch Problem

    Thanks for the quick reply, He will have to fix it before I buy it, yeah. I guess if it's one of those things that happen, then it could just be bad luck. I don't think he's tried to sell me a dodgy motor, he's my neighbour of 3 years and a nice fella. The car is a great runner (apart from that). He's looking at it tomorrow so I'd guess I will know more then. When I was towed back,the AA man said something about the 'clutch rod' but he really didn't want to say much but get the car back :P cheers
  4. Hi All, I recently agreed to buy an x reg Focus 1.8 Ghia from my neighbour. He's let me use it for 2 weeks, seemed fine until today. Was in traffic, when the clutch pedal went solid, wouldn't budge and I couldn't change gear. After a bit of a panic, it loosened and I could change gear although the pedal was stiff. I pulled over as soon as I could and checked the pedal by pushing with my hand. After about 5 pushes, something snapped and the pedal became completely limp...and doesn't work. It looked like some kind of grey plastic rod had snapped. The AA brought the car home and my neighbour (who I haven't paid yet for the car) thinks it is the clutch cable? He said he'd look at it and get it fixed (he's a mechanic). Is this something easily fixed, usual for this vehicle, or something that I should be concerned about if I were to buy the car when fixed? As you can guess, I know nothing about cars :s cheers