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  1. 1999 Galaxy Rear Brake Caliper Piston

    off side piston proving very difficult to retract anticipating removal of the caliper. anybody else had a pig of a piston to retract. Think it's a job for a left hander which I'm not, with having to release the bleed nipple at the same time as turning.
  2. 1999 Galaxy Rear Brake Caliper Piston

    Just found a third hand and success. Thanks for the advice. On to second brake caliper now. Cheers
  3. Afternoon Chaps Mid way through replacing the rear pads on the trusty old 1999 Galaxy. Old ones off, caliper cleaned new pads ready but I cannot get the piston to compress back to make space for the thicker pads. I have released the handbrake cable from the caliper, I have a trigger clamp on the piston and the rear of the unit, I have tried to release the bleed screw with a one man braking kit but I can't get fluid through the bleed nipple and the piston won't compress. Any bright ideas that don't require a full strip down of the caliper etc. Regards from a puzzled Big Al Just found the bit about rotating the piston cloclwise with a pair of pliers whilst pushing the piston. Piston is turning but not getting much movement back into the caliper. Any suggestions????
  4. Galaxy Gear Change

    Hi Guys Feb 09 picked up motor from airport parking in Birmingham and had to drive home to merseyside using only 3rd and 4th. Local garage fixed it for me - Ball and socket disengaged!! Last Wednesday same thig happene again - Local garage fixed it for me again both time free. good guys. Just happened again any heath robinson repairs that work please. Garage guys used a hot glue gun to reline the socket - worked for a while. any other offers on a more permanaent repair. Apparenty new bits will cost around £280. Galaxy if a 1999 v reg. I think that is what its worth!! Help Cheers Big AL
  5. Hi Folks I am trying to find the fuse location and rating for the rear power outlet sockets. One blew last year and I can't find the fuse to replace it. I also need to determine the ratings of all three sockets so that I don't blow one again and I can then sort out what I can plug in where. I've got a voltage converter to charge my laptop and have a coolbox with both mains and 12v connections. The Haynes manual is not the easiest to follow although I have found the front power socket. :( Any info greatly received.