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  1. Diy Or Garage.

    Sorted Thankyou .
  2. Cheers Fish Will let you know .. Thankyou for the overnight soak tip will do just that mate Russell.
  3. Morning guys n girls Anybody got a link to help me with changing the aux drive belt on the Mondeo .. Is it difficult or has anyone got any handy tips to help me. Thankyou very much and enjoy your weekend. Russell.
  4. Power/performance Ecu Chips.

    Cheers ZS your input is well ok and welcome ..will check out the link youve given mate .. what dollars did you pay for the box 4 your vauxhall. Russell.
  5. Quick Opinion Please .

    Update ... replaced the air intake hose at a cost of 33 quid ..unreal difference well pleased.
  6. If I replace the Feul filter on my Mondeo which I can see is esy enough will I have to prime the system or buy a pump or can I just put the new one in and restart the car. Cheers Russell.
  7. Power/performance Ecu Chips.

    Hi Bazza .... Good to hear from you mate in answer im no further ahead then when i first posted you hit the nail on the head that it would seem we have to blow money to discover the benefits or the downsides of performance options. I will keep om doing my homework and of course let you know what develops mate. In closing ive carried out a lot of work myself on the car and for your reference if you need anything or just advice then contact a Graham at allfordparts he is on this site and is a Top man. Regards Russell.
  8. Hi ... call and talk to Graham @ allfordparts he is a top fella and his parts are half the cost of Fraud main dealers and he knows everything about Mondeo models 0191 4200 168. He has saved me a small fortune and his adice is top notch. You can buy what you need from Mondeo Breakers and save cash however if you want Ford parts at good cost then call him. Russell.
  9. Quick Opinion Please .

    Thankyou Mate ... 2" split on the Air Intake Hose so hoping this was the problem.
  10. Please Help ..at My Wits End.

    Top man .... Thankyou.
  11. How the hell do I remove the cup holder from the facia panel slot it sits in as it has broken .. sorry to be an idiot but ive been tugging wiggling and just cannot work out how. Cheers Russell.
  12. Quick Opinion Please .

    2002 Tcdi 115 Whooshing sound on accelaration above 2000 rpm car seems to lack power as if it is struggling .. Which rubber hoses should I check for splits or wear that lead to the Turbo. Also how do I know if one is Faulty. Thankyou for reading Russell.
  13. Hi all and many thanks for all your advice to date has been great .. Cost aside I am simply asking anyone who has broght a "Chip" if they were pleased they did or wished they had not. Do they do more damage than good ? . Advice very welcome and really appreciated Thankyou. Russell.
  14. Diy Or Garage.

    Cheers Steve ... Top man Russell.
  15. Egr Valve Cleaning.

    Cheers Mintalkin Top Man .. Russell.