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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can mo...

  2. Few Pics Of My Car

    Thinking of putting my car up for sale with all the mods included if anyone is intrested , let me know: Adam_knight1@hotmail.com. Its got 29500 miles on it, one service stamp and taxed until end of next month Thanks
  3. Thinking Of Selling My Car

    Hi, i am thinking of selling my car and wanted to get an idea of what it maybe worth: 09 Plate Black Fiesta Zetec S 27,000 Miles 17" Finichi Black gloss Alloys Lowered 35mm on H&R springs Miltex Cat Back Exhaust Mountune 'MS' Styling rear spoiler extensions sprayed black Mountune Racing carbon fibre chin spoiler Grey parts on front and rear difusser sprayed black as well as fog lights Front tinted windows to match rear Tinted wind deflectors Black Gel Overlays Pipercross induction kit Black Headlights
  4. Few Pics Of My Car

    Four more now with the black wheels just fitted, will try get some better ones in the next few days and these aren't too good i admit
  5. Interior Rattles

    I have a horrible squeak in the rear of the car and its getting louder and louder, there is also a squeak coming from the passenger side which is really annoying, has anyone else had this or know what it maybe.
  6. Anyone Upgraded Their Brakes?

    Nothing wrong with my driving ability, i do a load of motorway driving and my pads and disks need replacing so wanted to see what ppl are doing as fancy something different than the std ones as i've changed the majority of things on the outside of the car
  7. I am looking to upgrade my brakes and wanted to know if anyone has and what they have gone for, Experiences, costs etc for the MK7 Fiesta Zetec S
  8. Fr&r Tuning

    Thanks i got my Exhaust from him too, may got ahead with the tuning thanks. I've got the H&R springs on mine, purchased mine from Germany but they are cheaper to buy in the UK now, car looks good on them and have had no problems what so ever.
  9. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    How much would you charge to do that to someones car for example? Looking to get mine done
  10. Mountune 'ms' Styling Rear Spoiler Extensions

    I got the spoiler, Rear Difusser, fog lights, grill and all front Bumper sprayed at the same time cost £295 from Ford and they fitted the spolier, they wanted £170 just to spray the spolier.
  11. Mountune 'ms' Styling Rear Spoiler Extensions

    Looks really good http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/uploads/1285688430/med_gallery_14126_481_90495.jpg
  12. Mk Meet Pictures

    Great pics, gutted i could make it down, are there any meets in Yorkshire coming up? Be good to meet ppl from here
  13. Fr&r Tuning

    Has anyone had any tuning done by FR&R tuning? They has said they can increase the bhp by 12 & increase the torgue by 15nm for £220.50
  14. Few Pics Of My Car

    Thank you for all the comments, The grill is just the standard one which came on the carjust had it sprayed black and but a black and crome gel overlay on it, had Ford do all the spraying and fit them and the mountune spolier extension
  15. Few Pics Of My Car

    sorry to sound thick but what do you mean by valances,car is Lowered on H&R springs 35mm