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  1. Happy Birthday Andy UK!

  2. 1) Yes, I am for real. 2) I'm extremely glad you take 2 minutes. I'll pick you a trophy up after work tomorrow.
  3. Hi - I bought some from Halfords and they're absolutely brilliant. They give a nice white and can see the difference when driving in low light conditions. I have these: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_491435_langId_-1_categoryId_205263 They're buy one get one free at the minute anyway so well worth a look! As for the headlight unit - expect trouble! It took me about 20 minutes to get the first one off and lost patience and just ended up ripping out a little bit and hoping for the best lol - fortunately it did work!
  4. I had my rear two windows and the rear windscreen tinted last Friday in that medium smoke. It looks amazing and cost £120 for the lot. I'm well impressed with it :)
  5. Hey at least you got your car washed - my Fiesta went in for its first service on a Saturday and they booked me in for about 10am and it needed new front pads. They shut at 1pm and told me they didn't have time to wash it lol. Plus they charged me nearly £150 JUST for some front pads, when I can get them from BMS for about £30 each...absolutely crazy.
  6. Thanks a lot :) I looked at these: http://www.essexracing.com/product_info.php?products_id=443 Do you reckon they're the right thing?
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you knew where to get a strip of LEDs for under the front lights like in this video: Thanks!
  8. Hey Yarm - I am absolutely loving that carbon effect numberplate!! I think I might just invest in £29 for them B) Not too keen on the Ford badges though.. <_<
  9. I quite like the Clio's. That car isn't in bad nick at all for it's age (saying that it is only 6 years old...) My mum has the Clio Sport 182 and that is a very nice car to drive - but ridiculously quick. It is about 6 seconds to 60 lol. Anyway, glad you got a car you like mate B)
  10. Ahh damn, I was gonna go until I saw how far away it is from me. I don't really fancy doing a 300 mile round-trip to be honest
  11. Yeah car insurance is ridiculously high becauseof all the false claims that are made.. annoys me. BTW, how is your car doing now Antony? It's been a few days since the accident right?
  12. I've got the answer: It's French - I'm surprised it hasn't done a runner off your drive yet. I would just go take a look out the window to make sure it's still there.
  13. I'm not being a "know-it-all". Anyway I'm not getting into a big discussion about what's right and wrong. This thread is about Antony's accident.
  14. I'm sorry but that attitude is the exact reason why this country has gone down the. Also, sorry to hear/ see your car! I know I would be pretty disappointed if it happened to me. I hope it isn't a write-off and you get it repaired soon!
  15. I'll come on 14th! :)
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