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  1. hi again, my new badge came! any idea how to re-stick a dmb overlay? it would be much easyier than re ordering a front one and waiting for it to come! ive tried superglue, nearly ruined the badge! poster spray glue- nearly flew of! oh and the link to the badge on here, is the rear badge! ahaha i shoulda read it before i decided to buy it, woulda saved me 15 quid beer money and it woulda come 6 days sooner!
  2. im tired so that response makes hardly any sense! ahaha try squinting before you read it
  3. ahahah cheers for the fast response yeah i have DMB but i dont like it as the crome effect around the edge has wormed and looks worse than ever! after reading this i ordered a new badge on ebay and it came yesterday i just couldnt figure how the old one came of, it wouldnt budge!
  4. sorry but im stuck! how do you remove the old ford badge without damaging the grill? how do you stick the new one on?
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    the pre cut thing is actually a very very very good idea! ahah checkered flag vinyl is very easy to buy. the halfords near me even does it! the halfords stuff usually goes on the side of old corsas and clios though
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    cheers for the feedback. i think almost any colour can be done, there are afew suppliers which supply loads of solid colours. it took me like 6 hours! and iim unsure of the fiinish now ahah i might re wrap in purple :)
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    Hi im new. just finished my first year at uni and got bored so started !Removed! about with cheap vinyl. http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff467/tank3rs/IMAG0069.jpg
  8. check your car manual. it will have the fuse diagram in there. this happened to me about a week ago i just got a new fuse from halfords and all is fine! fuse 25 me thinks.
  9. Hi im new to the forums. I have a 2009 fiesta zetec 1.25 and i added the black and white badges. in my opinion i like them but i think they may look better in black/chrome i will try and get some piccies up