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    Ive found loads of answers on http://www.btinternet.com/~madmole/ try this. ;)
  2. Keys

    Hi can any one help my main key with remote buttons is not working. ive tryed to recode the key to the car but to no sucess. ive been avised by my dad that the mother board is at fault and needs replacing. does any one now how much its gonna cost and where the best place is. as i expect ford will charge the Earth! Cheers Fox
  3. LX Wiring loom to drivers seat

    the wireing loom for the front seats if not visible then its not installed. the rear windows are easy to change all you need is to visit a salvage yard to get the motors, mechenisums, wireing. the all you need to do is tape the windows closed from the top then remove the few holdig bolts the wind the mech down while releasing it from the window so its easyer to removethn just the replace withe the motor ed version, and wire the electric's up to a power, and earth.
  4. Wheels

    Does any one have any alloys for sale for the mk2 mondeo st/cossworth, anything better than steels ;)
  5. vibration though steering

    Hi, Try checking that your front disks are not worped, or the all the joints connected to the hub i.e wish bone, anti roll bar, track rod ends (steering arms) that should help Fox