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  1. more power please??

    cheers all ill av to chek my speedo wit a sat nav and will try all the other bits shud be gettin money sooon well payed fri thanks for advice:)
  2. hey all new member

    yeh the top speed is quite bit less than begfore i went from 13'' to 15'' inch and i thought my speedo was out but seemed pretty acurate when i used a sat nav
  3. more power please??

    cant chip anything on my car to old no ecu or sensors on it i dont think thanks for your help:)
  4. more power please??

    thanks loads just done an oil change got her up a lil u think a K and N woyuld make a difference or 4 point spark plugs ? another question.. high octane petrol really worth that lil bit extrra a litre?
  5. hey all new member

    ive put a brand new set of 15inch alloys on her and shes slowed down hell of alot i was wonderin if any1 knows how to get her back up to speed thanks loads
  6. more power please??

    ive tried a few differents things but i think putting a set of 15 inch alloys on it has slowed it down dramatically anyone got any ideas how to get my speed back without taking off the alloys ?