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  1. Android Auto not in the armrest USB ?

    Ok, I will check if works at all. ....btw strange my Vignale don't have a 12V outlet for the backseats, my 2014 Titanium X had, and it was great for the kids on the Italy trip, with a two USB output converter and power for both their tablets. Don't really know how to fix it for the next trip :(
  2. 1.0 ecoboost 180bhp

    Put two engines together and make a V6 with 280 HP instead! :D
  3. I have tried Android Auto on my new Fiesta and it works perfect. But only from the front USB connector, not in the connector in the armrest - is this normal?
  4. My new Vignale

    Thanks guys. I will take some interior shots later. :)
  5. Sync 3 version 3

    Hi, I got my Fiesta Vignale yesterday. It had version 2.3 on the Sync3. Wifi update didn't work so I tried the download service at Ford.co.uk, and via my VIN number it found version 2.7 You talked about version 3 didn't you? Is the a change log and is it a problem downloading from the UK site? - I can't find an update on the danish site.
  6. My new Vignale

    What a great car!! I thought white might be bit too borring but I think it's ok. :) I think the Sync3 interface is good, but do you know if there are coming updates now and then, with changes and new features?
  7. Brodit mobile holder

    Ok I will try it Friday :) And USB has to be connected right? Why can't this work via Bluetooth alone?
  8. Brodit mobile holder

    I live in Denmark and it's not working on Android here :( They say it's because they can't/wan't make the translation of the voicecommands, but why the hell can't I use it in english?
  9. 6-speed gear ratio - why oh WHY !!

    But cruising at 2000 rpm instead of 2600 is much more quiet and comfortable. How can changing gears more often, when accelrating in cities be fun?
  10. 6-speed gear ratio - why oh WHY !!

    Yes sorry, it's km/h of course. I had a Mondeo Diesel and just loved the high 6th gear on highways, so I simply can't understand, why a 140 HP turbo car, should't be able to do the same, specially when the 100 HP i actually higher!
  11. 400 mega pixel Fiesta Titanium X photo

    I know, isn't it cool ? :)
  12. Brodit mobile holder

    Ok! I have a Brodit now, maybe I can modify it somehow and fit it there.
  13. Brodit mobile holder

    Yeah I know but I have the big screen (when I get my car in a week)
  14. Brodit mobile holder

    Don't know. I guess not, since they made one for the 2018 model
  15. Brodit mobile holder

    Brodit Seems like a bad place to put the phone :( Any experience with better solutions? I wish I could modify something, so it could be placed on the side of the touch screen :)