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  1. Aux Belt Kit For 2.2 Duratorq

    Bill..try here i got one for my 2.0 tdci and with gates its top quality.. http://www.gatesdrivebelts.com Regards Phil
  2. 2004 Mondeo Tdci 130

    well i picked up egr hose up yesterday and got talking to a guy in parts.he says unfortunately aux belt n egr hose do have to changed as they go but he was shocked when i told him had to put a rack on it esp at such low mileage.but am ready if belt tensioner goes again have made toll for doing it and reckon would be done in bout 90 mins tops..egr hose is two min job..as for rack..wouldnt wanna do another but least have learnt if anyone else asks for help in here...and car is six years old..all heve done before is one set of brakes and servicing which do myself so really cant complain..its my third mondeo and its most work ever had to do on one..as for changing..am looking but just cant make mind up..
  3. hi dan..mine is a 2004 but looks very similar,on mine its just like an open fronted plastic storage pocket
  4. 2004 Mondeo Tdci 130

    Hi guy's..am just curious on this.My mondeo is a sept 2004 registered and has 34000 on clock.I am second owner and had 13000 on clock when bought it.It had aux belt and tensioner fitted by ford at 18000 miles.It now has 34000 on clock.In last week have had to replace aux belt and tensioner again,also on sunday rack seal on os just went all of a sudden while out and dumped all fluid so have fitted new rack.In 30 years its first car i have ever had to fit a rack on...am just supprised as its not high mileage for age.While fitting rack noticed second split in egr hose..did repair it bout month ago and has just split elsewhere..so its not been the best month for car expenses..lol...just after opinions...
  5. Power Steering Leak

    well a recon rack with 12 months warranty and must say looks brand new never mind recon got from kelly bray steering in devon,a decent bloke to deal with and didnt evn charge me surcharge and i canot recomend this guy enough.He answered all questions i had.As for job what a !Removed!..having spent twenty odd years on spanners and hung em up in 96 i found it alot hrader to do then remember...lol...once i found out an extension piece pinch bolt had to removed from underneath which is not that easy to get to it wasnt to bad...all in all...i would say from start to finish took about 5 hours...after being told front cradle had to be lowered i was well chuffed to find it didnt...i reckon if you know what your doing it coud be done in around two hours maybe a bit more...
  6. Power Steering Leak

    have got rack unbolted,does anyone know how the thing comes out.there is a plastic cover thats stopping it and maybe exhaust has to come off...anyone done this before
  7. Power Steering Leak

    thanks dave..any idea whot sort of job it is to do,am pretty good with spanners so no probs there..
  8. Power Steering Leak

    hi guy's.i took car out yesterday and lost power steering so had to have car recovered.i have a clip missing from end of boot and fluid peeing out of the end of the o/s rack boot.should oil be in the boot or is it a seal in end of rack thats gone..any help please..
  9. Surging Problem And Strange Noise

    cheers mate will give it a go and see what happens
  10. Surging Problem And Strange Noise

    just checked and no electrical connection on the egr,do i have to have anything done after blanking egr off...am new to all this...but learning quickly
  11. Surging Problem And Strange Noise

    thanks for that found the hose split..easy enough to change to..cleaned egr as was just slightly dirty...just curious why do some block off the egr and what do they get by doing it
  12. hi guy's i took the car for a drive on friday and at 2500 revs i started to her what sounds like a rush of air from where i cannot pin point.its on the drivers side and only starts at 2500 revs and is there in every gear by the way.have driven to work this morning and noticed it was surging a little at around 75 -80 mph.i also noticed a bit of smoke from rear window that have never noticed before.if i stay below 2500 revs all seems ok..any ideas..?
  13. 2.0 Tdci Engine Noise

    just out of curiosity how often do these have to be changed.have just looked at my docs and see this was changed by ford under warranty shortly after i bought the car which then had 18000 miles on clock.
  14. 2.0 Tdci Engine Noise

    many thanks for that.reckon i can manage it ok i spent 20 years on spanners but bin a few since last did repairs and seems easy enough looking at those pictures...again many thanks for help
  15. 2.0 Tdci Engine Noise

    hi guy's i need a little advice.i have a 2004 2.0 130 bhp tdci.it has developed a rattling/vibrating noise on the o/s end of the engine,its only there on tickover,above tickover its perfectly quiet.mileage is 34000.