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  1. Left the car at work overnight as it wouldn’t start, but as I expected it started on the button today as it does every morning. So frustrating.
  2. Thanks for your help, if I use this will it only show me the errors when it is not starting or can it give me historical data
  3. Hoping someone can help me I have a 2008 mondeo estate 1.8 diesel with 98,000 miles on the clock. It has occasional starting issues which I can’t solve and it’s driving me nuts. It will always start in the morning, but on Friday I drove to work which is only about 6 miles and when I went to leave 6 hours later it wouldn’t start, the engine would turn over but not fire, I went back 3 hours later and it started first time, today I have exactly the same problem, despite doing a short journey over the weekend with no issues. It is not a new problem but is now getting more frequent.
  4. My son has a 2003 Focus diesel and ran out of diesel just as he pulled onto the petrol station forecourt. Having filled up, the engine will now not start, despite having been primed manually and as far as we can tell all air having been purged from the system. It has been suggested that it could be the fuel pump that will now needs to be replaced or alternatively the engine management computer mught need re-setting having "tripped out" when it sensed there was no fuel. Any thoughts on which is the most likely. Thanks DW
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