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  1. noisy tappets

    if you have access to a haynes manual look it up in there. though agood oil changewill help. do you know if the car has full service history?
  2. Monster Project...need advice

    everything is possible, but i don't know if the 4x4 system will go in well, but aslong as you know how to wield an angle grinder and a welder in anger you will do ok.
  3. Driving...

    i passed my test a month after my 17th birthday, only because i was just finishing my basic training with the army, passed my bike test on my birthday, both licenses through the army. i have a few others aswell. by the time i was 17 and 3 months i could drive artic trucks and a challenger main battle tank! :D my first car was a BMW 316i 4door with an alpina bodykit and wheels, tuned engine and suspension. (G634 PUE) no.2 renault 19 1.4 saloon. (J770 UCY) no.3 honda civic 1.4 3 door. (J161 NDD) no.4 land rover series 3 2.5D 88inch (YOJ 148T) no.5 mazda 323 1.3 4 door (B*** NUY) no.6 back to the renault as the mazda died no.7 VW golf mk2 GTi left hand drive with the big bumpers lowered and BBS multispokes (LIP ZZ 722) no.8 ranger rover classic vogue 3.5litre V8 monster! running around 300 brake. (F30 XVG) no.9 range rover 2.5VM diesel, off road beast. :D (H225 RDW) no.10 ford fiesta flame 1.4 16v (still here and being modified)(BV05 OTB) no.11 land rover discovery 300TDi lots of off road mods. (M221 LYP) no.12 is on its way which will be another V8 range rover. (TBC) and im only 21! :D all my cars have been modified in some way or another, some more than others. since i bought my series three i have always run two cars, one being an off roader (the rangies etc) and the other being my road car. im currently looking for another rangie to replace the discovery tyhat i broke at the weekend! cant be bothered to just change the engine
  4. Am I suffering head gasket failure?

    you need tomake sure the oil isn't getting into the water etc, but i would suggest getting it checked over. are you blowing alot of blue smoke from the exhaust.
  5. Keyless Entry + Key in Boot =

    well, once the key is within the bubble of the car it will be communicating with it. im still weary of locking keys in cars. was easy to get into my older cars if i made the mistake, not so in the newer cars.
  6. Top speed...

    nope, i was definitely on a private road, airfield to be exact.

    i have had the same problem, but i never got mine fixed. still dont know if im going to be able to make it yet.
  8. BHP per ton?

    it was probably driven properly with no weight in it. :D
  9. transit connect

    does it turn over at all? check that any earths are good and everything is tight. if it is just clicking, then get to the starter with a decent bar and tap it, quite hard. it will have just seized. failing that, take it off and soak it in WD40 or similar. as it starts when its bumped down the road i wouldn't suspect any thing else really.
  10. Help me pick new wheels

    i like the second option, but that is only because i am trying to get hold of some white speedline corse's in a 5 spoke design. though i dont like the look of those multifit holes. the first ones will probably go with the car better, i saw one earlier same colour with the same style wheels, though not my cup of tea, they didn't look too bad. though i will say, don't put lexarse lights on the rear! they look toss! IMHO.
  11. Drums to discs

    i was just about to say, i saw an ST500 earlier on! nice looking wheels on them. could do with being a bit lower....
  12. wheel balancing on the car

    have you had the tracking done recently? or is one of your alloys damaged? both would cause the vibration, along with balancing.
  13. strange noise from focus

    ahhhh fair enough, i assumed it was when driving.
  14. MK7 inaccurate average speed

    test it with a GPS a 20 mile stretch of FLAT motorway driven at a constant speed of 60 mph will take twenty minutes. i challenge you to find a stretch of motorway that is flat for 20 straight miles! dont forget that even with cruise control set a hill will slow the car or speed it up depending on which way it goes. you should be pretty much bang on using this method. then you will be able to check the average speed computer.
  15. strange noise from focus

    why? that shouldn't affect the vibrating issue <_<