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  1. Sat-Nav Problem?

    Hi I have the same unit in my focus, it is a Blaupunkt FX. I similar didnt have a manual and contacted Ford customer service (which are useless) with no help from them. I have since got a photocopy of the manual from a friends father in law last night, but havnt had time to read it yet. It also says that you are supposed to have a CD with it to copy to a SD card using the unit but this isnt true all you get is the SD card which at the moment I havnt found a way of copying. I did post the problem on this site but have had no replys. I will look at the manual tonight to see if it says anything about your problem. keep smiling :) paul Ps I see from the screen that you are in sheffield same as me so maybe I could Photocopy it and send it to you or arrange to meet somewhere.
  2. Blaupunkt Fx Sat Nav

    Hi Found out that Ford dosnt supply the newer focus with the Blaupunkt FX sat nav with a CD as it says in the handbook but with just the program on a SD card that slots in. Has anyone successfully copied their SD card as I am very wary about having it stolen or loosing it as they are about £150 to replace i've been told. If so what program did you use as i've tried with my laptop using vista and it dosnt read all the program. Cheers Paul
  3. Ford Focus 2009

    Hi New member here. I have just bought a 1.6 zetec TDCI with sports pack and comms pack. Everythings with it except a manual or CD for the comms pack instructions which was missing. Neither my local dealer or Ford support can tell me how to get a replacement, hopefully someone on here might. Also the question about can the satnav be updated with up to date routing,which they cant answer either. Any input would be muchly appreciated. Paul