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  1. further update to be fair the dealership staff were pleasant enough and explained the clutch is working fine and ford will not pay them out under warranty if they fitted a new one as its technically not faulty. i really dont know what to do with this now apart from trade it in .its just one issue that is spoiling it for me .the car as a whole is fine apart from this one issue
  2. update well they say 4 technicians studied it and one took it home road tested it and they said it was fine. i find it heavy personally .i am 61 probably not as strong in the legs as someone younger ,but thats that really ,when i suggested to exchange the car the rep said hed give me a good price for my car....unreal well thats that then im stuck with it ,guess ill have to trade it in for something else and lose more money or opt for an automatic . so wish i still had my 2012 fiesta 1.4 and hadnt traded it in for this one
  3. wheel nuts done .they say they cant find any fault with the clutch so its unlikely anyhting will be done will find out for definite later maybe its a feature of the new engine? my old car was a 1.4 fiesta 2012 and was as light as a feather ,even my hire car if you hold the car on the biting point in say first for a few seconds you can feel the pressure underfoot.and this car is a 2014 1.0 litre ecoboost zetec covering 1400 miles ! someone said at work it could just be that its a new car and the clutch will bed in and become easier in time anyone got any thoughts on this scenario?
  4. hi watman , interesting post above . at the local dealership (same garage group from where i got the car but different branch) one of the mechanics said to me that ford changed the clutch springs this year .everyone at the garage apart from this guy denies this .would be interesting if anyone knows whether this could be the problem . the branch where i got the car also deny this so someone is telling porkies . anyway ill knwo the answer to my problem by the weekend and ill post the results on here
  5. pretty good mpg that ,i do a lot of short runs so i guess thats why mines a bit lower. have to say on the titanium i do like those puddle lamps on the mirrors !
  6. coming back to your post gillyallan i had a 1.4 fiesta 2012 plate previously and it was hard to part with it ,cracking little car but this new one is a bit special .with my prev car you had to change up fairly quick so its hard having to realise that most of town driving is in 3rd gear on the new one ! the main benefit is at high speeds .at 70 on my old car it was cracking on 3000 revs on the new one about 2300 ,so thats where you gain .my latest mpg was 42.9 not bad i guess
  7. thsnks dmizz93 ,well ive had assurances that theyll strip the clutch down and ifi ts the pressure plate whuich they suspect they will replace the whole clutch .i guess this is why its been booked in for 2 days .one things for sure ,i find you have to use the clutch quite often on this car specially in traffic so i cant wait till its as it should be again . going in on 18th .will post outcome of the repair
  8. well the selling branch have agreed to fit a new clutch if necessary and to fit new locking wheel nuts under warranty ..result .thye did agree the clutch pedal was slightly heavier . mmm willl update results after next friday
  9. well they greased the mechanism up on the clutch pedal area and its made no difference .they say its comparable to other cars ! they are having a giraffe .anyhow im going back to the dealer who sold me the car on monday and will attempt to swap the car wirth another they have in stock after ive test drove it ! whether they will or not remains to be seen ,but if not thyell have to repair the clutch .sadly i donrt like driving the car now because of the clutch pedal and for 2 pins id have my old car back i think hopefully they will have found the locking wheel nuts when i arrive there .not getting my hopes up on this either .. further updates to foollow on what i see is going to be a lot of grief..
  10. im not so sure i just drove a fiesta style 2014 and it is so light compared to mine and yet a bigger engine .no im not beleving there icnt a fault ,if i get to the bottom of this ill post my outcome on here .i also sat in a 3 door fiesta 10 ecoboost and that clutch also is so light ,so theres a fault somewhere in mine . ill be going back in in the morning and get them to do a more thorough check and ill post the outcome . id laike to ask a question if anyon ehas experienced this before .in case i disagree with the garage and if they say its fine and i say it isnt what would be my next course of action? do i get an independent inspection ?
  11. hi this is an update on the clutch situation .theyve greased up the pedal spigots and have compared it with a similar car in the showroom and surprise surprise they say its comparable.. well having just driven it it s exactly the same as before i took it in . this on top of the supplying garage not being able to find rthe wheel locking nut which wasnt supplied with the car is making me wonder why i ever traded in my old trusty mark 7 ..... apart from going back tomorrow and arguing the toss thats its the same as before anyone got any ideas and have they ever had a clutch pedal problem like this before .the car has done 2500 miles!
  12. thanks all ,i have to say the titanium spec is pretty good ,i was toying with replacing the footwell lights with red ones but cant find them anywhere ,guy in halfords suggest i sparay the clear bulbs with heat resistant red spray paint ... i guess its an option .does anyone know where i can get these 5amp bulbs in red?
  13. thqanks for the replies guys .i popped down the dealership today and they confirm the clutch pedal is too heavy as comfirmed by their mechanic when he compared it to the same car in the showroom .could be the clutch return spring ,maybe even a new clutch who knows but its going in for a warranty repair week after next . getting used to the driving of the car now ,will take time .
  14. hi guys , just traded up to a 2014 1.0 99ps ecoboost titanium model today after traading in a 1.4 fiesta zetec 2012 plate petrol and a couple of things make me think it feels like this clutch is heavier than my mark 7 car ,it could be in my mind but has anyone else thought the same . and the main difference is the engine ,talk about chalk and cheese . my 1.4 was reving at 3000 rpms a t 70 in 5th whereas the new car barely makes 2400 revs which is great ,but when going at speeds 30-50 it dont like 5th car seems to vibrate and its happiest in 3rd anything up to 35 . so is this normal ,like for town driving id be in 3rd mostly i thinkj . the gearing is miles different to my prev car and i know itll take some getting used to and i love the new one ,its just these 2 little niggles in the back of my head that i hope someone will put me right on any thoughts appreciated thanks kevin ps my proifle is incorrect i have a fiesta not a focus
  15. The Smell

    i don't know why they think how the washer bottle can affect the air in the ventilation system but it does apparently ,and to answer the last question i don't know but i know there is a smell from the washer bottle itself. still trying to see if the original dealerwho sold me it 3 months ago will do anything about it but like all these things after sales care is a thing of the past it seems . waiting for the sales manager to call me ..reckon im in for a long wait..