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  1. Engine Sludge Removal

    Im assuming that this Is this from a diesel car, looks like a case of black death to me!? probably wouldnt go down the adding flushes and additives route, causes more problems most the time, and really shouldnt flush turbocharges (if it is turbocharged) engines, apparently! Probably would flsuh it through a few times with proper oil like castrol or mobil, might be pricey for the oil though, but at the end of the day, oil is a vital component and cheaper ones just break down and cause, well black sludge! =[ Hope you sort it out though matey.
  2. Is 12000 Miles Too Far For An Oil Change

    depends really whether your on a longlife oil or a cheapy. Lots of problems with long service intervals like on fleet vehicles like bmw's and audis where the schedule will be about 20k, but if the normal oil is put it will just clog it all up, will go through turbos and bits like nobodies business :P. Definately on the diesel, assuming its a 1.4 or 1.6 with the HDI type engine would stick to the high eng engine oils, because the banjo bolts for the turbochargers are ridiculous, about the size of a pin head with a really fine gauze and really do get clogged up if not changed regularly or with the wrong oil. But yes, in short, castrol type oils good for 12,000 miles, cheapies wouldnt bother touching!
  3. Whats The Silver On The Factory Alloys ?

    not a useful comment, but the factory ford alloys are awful! Mine are going brown already after 2 years, so I would also like to know what the colour is to get them resprayed. :)
  4. Clunk In Steering When Turning ?

    Hi there, is the knocking when you're on full lock and then returning? I would say its probably a lower arm ball joint making the knocking noise, in which case Ford should replace to whole bottom arm for the side you're having trouble with. Took a Mk2 Ka in only today after numerous times being told that nothing was wrong, and after probably 5 visits and me telling them it was the ball joint, they soon replaced it under warranty. If it is the arm they need to replace, don't let them waffle you with the whole "its wear and tear and not covered" rubbish because it won't be, just shoddy parts! :)
  5. Hey, Just a heads up, New 4WD rolling road due to be opening in June at PK Automotive if anybody is interested, I know that there arn't many places around lincoln to get your car on a dyno, also do remapping now, and trust me, it's good! Also, if you fancied a trip and a day out, JS performance next door who sell top silicone hoses. Thinking about getting a nice set of green hoses myself, just a shame the only trips I seem to make are back and forth to the supermarket. But yeh, hope this helps!
  6. Hi there, bit of a heads up really, hopefully of use to somebody (not a shameless plug, honest! ) Soon to be arriving at PK Automotive Solutions, a 4wd rolling road in Lincoln for dyno runs and club days :). I know it might not be everybodys "thing", but there really are not many places in this neck of the woods to get your car properly tuned. Hoping this is of some use, expected opening of the new rolling road unit in about a month, so will report back with more details and offers then! Thanks :)
  7. Failed Mot, Lots Of Problems

    Front Pads for a decent make like bosch/mintex would probably be about £22-25 retail front axle, discs again for a decent make probably about £20-30 retail per disc worst case. Oxy sensor shouldnt think would be cheap, and you dont really want a universal one. Assuming its your uncle doing the repairs for you, im guessing he should be able to get a decent NGK/Bosch one for about £60-70 wheras a ford one will probably set you back 120. Oil filter would be about £5 and for the right spec castrol oil probably about £35. Plus the old dreaded VAT and labour which prbably tops 2 hours if that, say probably about 300!??! That is, for a retail job pricing mind you! Benefits of having an uncle in the trade is that you should fingers crossed get a decent discount on parts and labour, every little helps! :)
  8. Injector Seals

    we had a 2007 plate 1.4 diesel plate in the other week, completely the same as your one i;m afraid and I know the dealers here would think its a common problem especially on the 1.4 and 1.6 models, so probably wouldn't offer any goodwill. The inlet manifold on this particular one was also clogged solid too. Gotta be worth a try though, you won't get if you don't ask :) Good luck!
  9. Should I Void My Warranty

    you can get some tuning packages that are completely reversible. If you get a good enough independant many of them will keep the original mapping and be able to restore it is it was needed or there was a problem :)
  10. Real Problem?

    could be the glow plugs on diesel engines? :) specially in colder damper weather
  11. Rubbing Noise From Front Wheel

    think there are a few TSB's floating around for the fiesta for front end noises and front brake dragging according to etis. gotta be worth a look :) 26/08/11 Grinding noise from the front end during straight-ahead driving and when cornering; Installation of a new halfshaft bearing 7/2010 If there are concerns relating to grinding noise from the front end during straight-ahead driving and when cornering, the probable cause is a defective halfshaft bearing. To rectify this concern, the intermediate shaft should be removed and a new halfshaft bearing and halfshaft bearing retainer installed. When holding the halfshaft bearing retainer and rotating the bearing, a rough feel should clearly be felt. With the vehicle raised, turn the halfshaft via the wheel and listen for grinding noise or rough running of the halfshaft bearing for this purpose. 27/05/11 Front brake dragging 67/2010 Should a customer express concern about front brake dragging, the probable cause is corrosion and contamination build up between brake pad ears and front brake pad fixing clamp / caliper anchor bracket. Squeaking noises from the front brakes can occasionally occur and are not subject of this Technical Service Information. To rectify the concern, all brake pad to brake caliper contact surfaces should be cleaned with brake cleaner and grease applied to ALL brake pad to brake caliper contact surfaces. Apply a thin film of grease. Be careful not to apply excessive grease.
  12. I get what you mean, it would make sense to do that! but still, near positive it wasnt like it this time last year, and feels like its going to snap off when turning.
  13. Dismissive Dealer.

    haha no im not a mechanic, just the power mad receptionist that does the bookings. So if they cant get past me they cant get in :P And thankyou very much! Somedays it looks better behing a leaf :)
  14. Dismissive Dealer.

    Must say, being female certainly has not helped me in the slightest, if anything think it has hindered me, so i've come to the conclusion you probably do not look like a bulldog :P No all joking aside, being young and female, very hard work with the local Ford. Very very unhelpful, but they will get their come uppance when they need their cars fixing and I turn them away :P