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  1. Mpg Computer

    In my experiance the computer can be out by 2 to 5mpg. Having had the car for a year and a half the average mpg over 18000 miles 48mpg worked out manually after each fill. Drops considerably if your doing 70 plus and constant start stop in town. Mpg increased after first service and better weather. Mine was used on mainly A and B roads doing 40 miles distance each day. I am now about to trade in for the fiesta.The ka i have to say has been very reliable although constantly bothered by rattles fixed by by stuffing padding in various parts of the dash.I have enjoyed this car ang gives the grin factor on twisty roads enjoy yours
  2. Ka & Stop-Start?

    Ka with Ford Auto-Start-Stop system standard from November 2010.
  3. Insurance Quotes

    Bought the ka2 earlier this year with lower insurance group than previous car which was insurance group 6 to find it was dearer to insure! Cheapest quote i could get was direct line
  4. Mk2 Ka Mpg Computer?

    It would appear with a run in engine the ka2 will not get into the 50+mpg bracket. Mind you i think they are good fun to drive
  5. Mk2 Ka Mpg Computer?

    I am at least 2.5mpg difference with car computer and actual mpg Empty tank, reset odometer refill when empty again and calculate. car has done 4500 miles and getting on fill ups 46 to 50 mpg actual. Car computer says 50 to 53mpg
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  9. Hello

    Hello all. I have owned a few fords over the years i currently have new ford ka very happy with it :) Look forward to being part of the forum