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    Ford Ka Replacement Wiring Looms Help

    mdexter,sorry had a problem with my email. I'll gve you what i can recall i did.....I took out the original cable that was inside the door and went to a breakers and found a replacement. Fitting wasn't difficult just long winded and required completely stripping the door's internals. Take plenty of photo's as you go and provided you don;t break anything you'll be fine.
  2. sparkywilliams

    Ford Ka Replacement Wiring Looms Help

    email me at this address and i shall call you back.
  3. Hi, i'm wondering if someone could help me a little. Both doors wiring need replacing but i have a few questions: Do i need to remove the lock mechanism bolted to side of door in order to re-fit power cables and if so how do you remove as i'm finding it gets stuck against a metal strut and 'anti-theft' box with sealant around it. Do i need to disconnect the 'pull lever cable',gut the whole door? or is there a knack to getting it out without disconnecting everything too much? How does the plastic gromit attached to door side pull out? finally,any advice on any differences in wiring looms (i shall prob buy off ebay) my ka has central locking and speaker cables but is not the remote keyfob type. Thanks all,any help appreciated. Locking the car manually with key at moment.
  4. sparkywilliams

    Lowering- How To Guide

    Hi Chaps, Got all the kit (i think!) for a lowering of my missuss 2005 Ka-eibach springs and Spax shocks but wondered ,before i go ahead with finding a garage to fit them,wether i will need to buy different tyres? Currently we are running 15'' TSW's with 185/60/14 so would i need lower profile's? Also anyone give me an idea of how much i should be looking to pay for fitment,plus i've the dreaded knocking noise when she goes over bumps at the moment so suspect some bushes have gone. Would appreciate any advice/tips
  5. sparkywilliams

    Rusty Sills

    Hi all, I have noticed rust starting underneath the protective layer (press and you can feel the spongy paint) and wondered if it's worth me having it treated now before it gets worse and wondered if anyone knows how much i should be looking at paying? It's happening on both sides and also very small spots of rust appearing on panels/bonnet but i'm not too worried about them it's the sills which i know will fail mot in the future, Thanks for any advice given. p.s its a 2005 model which otherwise looks mint.-such a shame these cars rust soo easily.
  6. sparkywilliams

    Ka Gearbox Problem-Please Help!

    Thanks for all that, where is the reverse switch hole?
  7. sparkywilliams

    Ka Gearbox Problem-Please Help!

    Thanks Donframac,I've only just checked back on this website and seen your reply. Sounds like you know what your doing and I plan to do exactly the same but i wanted to ask you how to get all the old oil out and considering halfords are the only shop open tomorrow what oil you'd recommend Thank you
  8. sparkywilliams

    Ka Gearbox Problem-Please Help!

    Thanks for replying mate,the mechanic is going to check it out with me,yes the clutch has to have the thrust bearing and he also fitted a new hydraulic slave.He admitted that when he finished the job he hadn't adjusted the linkage underneath the car and when we complained last time,he wasn't sure wether the gearstick was meant to lean slightly to the left on ka's when in neutral and in all the gears. After his initail adjustment while my g/f sat in the car changing gear it was fine for a while but ive told him that it must have worked loose and so he's gonna show me what he does. I will have a look myself on friday as he cant check it untill next week and i will look at the linkage you mention. Are there any links to pdf's or you tube videos you know of? regarding this kind of adjustment as i presume its a pretty common and needed adjustment after a clutch fit. Thank you again
  9. My girlfriend has a new clutch fitted and thats working fine except she had to re-visit the mechanic as the gear knob was leaning more to the left when in 5th gear than it was before so he ramped it up,got her to change gear and adjusted the linkage underneath which proved ok for a while. Now it's doing it again and it's position is not right,add to that the gear's are notchy going from 3rd down to 2nd and she wants me to put it up on ramps and have a look at it. Obviously there is some adjustment possible so could anyone tell me how to do it.And also to sort the notchiness out ,can i re-fill with new gearbox oil or add molyslip? I've read that they are 'filled for life'. Thanks for any advice.
  10. sparkywilliams

    Ka Clutch Gone

    Hi , Missus has a 2005 Ford Ka,done 30k,well yesterday she complained she couldn't get into Reverse or down from 4 to 3rd but was able to put her into 2nd & 1st. When you depress the clutch pedal I can hear rattling (which the AA man said was the thrust bearing gone) . It's in the garage and i will drive it for myself tonight but i wanted to know before booking it into a garage and accepting whatever they say,what simple things should i check? I can put her up on axel stands and look underneath and have the obligatory Haynes manual. As i understand it,you can drive with the bearing shot for many thousand miles before you need replace but the gear selection problem may either be a coincidence or its linked. I've attached a pic of what i think is a oil leak near the 'boot' of the selector shaft...Could this be oil from a hydraulic cylinder? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  11. sparkywilliams

    Front Discs Replacement On 2005 Ka

    private message me your email mate and i will try and help
  12. sparkywilliams

    Front Discs Replacement On 2005 Ka

    Hi, Well i successfully fitted new discs and pads to my ka and i wanted to share some wisdom with anyone wanting to do it. Firstly,the disc may feel like it won't come off but provided you spray the gap between it and the hub with plenty of WD-40 and also behind the disc into the gap around the back recess you will eventually get it off.I used a rubber mallet and knocked it gently at all perimeters of the disc back and front,and gradually it broke its seal of rust and came off but i honestly thought it wasn't going to budge. Equally spray and let WD-40 penetrate into the caliper mounting bolts and make sure you use a 6 sided 13mm socket otheriwse you will round them off. The caliper sliding pins are set in two rubber mounts that are packed with grease,you need a 7 mm torx socket driver to loosen these.When you re-fit regrease them with some brake assembly grease or similar. Clean the mating surface where the new disc will go onto as you don't want any grit inbetween otherwise you won't get a good fit. Once you slide the caliper off put it on a box to keep it high and not strained on the brake hoses,then use a piston spreader tool and push the piston back in,check the reservoir to ensure the fluid does not rise alarmingly.Then fit the new pads and put it all back together again. I've included some snaps i took,including a pic of the old/new pads and the annoying spring that you have to wrestle with to get back on!. And just to add,after i changed the front discs & Pads we have had no occurences of the brake warning light coming on so i think there is some kind of sensor that detects when either is low.Either that or i have inadvertantly cleaned something. For others afflicted with this problem,it used to come on when going around corners,after braking,or going down hill but i seem to have sorted it soo far! Good luck to anyone doing this job,it's well worth it.
  13. sparkywilliams

    Ka Brake Hose Help

    Thanks very much,it passed!! subsequently realised that sum dumbo has fitted the hose kinda upside down,the rubber surround should be below the latch and not above.
  14. I want to replace the front discs with new ones but there is a large nut,how do i remove disc and re-fit please? Do i just need a breaker bar with a socket on the end? Any help appreciated. She is also getting her brake warning light flickering when going down hills and cornering and i've opped up fluid to well above max,any ideas? it seems a common fault on these cars. Picture attached,thanks!!
  15. sparkywilliams

    Ka Brake Hose Help

    Hi After fiting some wider alloys i have noticed the inside rim's have worn a slice into a bit of rubber that surround the front drivers side brake hose as the car has been driven on full lock. It hasn't gone into the hose itself but obviously i would like to replace as it would be likely to fail the MOT. I'd like to keep the alloys so can anyone recommend a solution i.e can i buy different brake hoses that are slimmer at that point? If you look closely its the thickness of the rubber mounting that is the problem. How have others got around this problem? The wheels are 15' and are quite chunky yet strangely the left hand wheel hasn't damaged the other wheels hoses. Any help would be appreciated. thanks