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  1. Happy Birthday racey!

  2. hi

    hiya im peter race or know to my mates as racey i worked at a co op in oakham until it burnt down today so im out of a job for a while did anyone see it when it was on fire it was horrific but yeh anyway i owna ford fiesta and i haad big plans to turn it into a rally car but seeing as i have no job anymore im not usre if i can even afford the repayments i have had no word from my bosses or even head office so yeah its all gone well to coin a phrase !Removed! up. does anyone know what happened when your play of work catches fire as in what happeneds to all the staff becasue there are so many romours going round its har to find out the turth really anyway reply to the post if you know anything cheers racey
  3. ford escort Nreg - LOST KEY

    right a bit of a fiddly job but rip off the steering column casing and remove the ingition barrel if possible ill check go to a good scrap yard get a new ignition barrel and ecu with the key change the ecu over and attatch the new barrel to it the chip under the red section of the key is unique to the ecu adn the engine will not start until the immobiliser chip matches with that ecu and if possible get the door barrels too then it doesnt look too suspicious if you sell the car on. that or go and talk to a ford garage and see what they can do ill talk to a few people i know down at my local garage and see if they can give you some more pointers good luck pete
  4. SI 1600 water pump

    hiya i know a company that may be able to supply one for you the address in www.traynors.co.uk they are a scrap yard but im sure they can sort you one out. im sure there arent any special tools that cant be found in good tool shops if needed. hopefully that might help you i can see it being a long ish job a couple days work im not too sure but good luck with it anyway
  5. alloy middle piece needed

    keep your eyes peeled on ebay thats all i can say really other than take yourself off to the scrap yard and hope for the best what does it say on the centre plate if its got a ford badge you can find them everywhere if it says rs then they are a bit rarer those are the only ones i have come into contact with but yeh ebay might be a hope for them
  6. escort van

    i might be able to help if you look at an aftermarket spoiler for a fiesta they have the led brake lights in them you can usually pick them up for pennies becasue no one wants them but you might want to have a go at removing one of those but itll be difficult to put it in your cossie fin you have to be handy with a keyhole saw and neat about it to to cut into the spoiler and then youll have to doa botch job on wiring does your car have a rear brake top light as standard it will be laot easier if it does anyway let me know and ill tell you how to fit it cheers mate peter
  7. New vehicle!!!!!!

    thats a rather nice car you just need to do a bit of work on the body at the back from what i can see in the pics but that looks like it could a good toy to play around with what do you need to know about rs turbos i know a few guys thats are in the know and my cousin is a turbo specialist for fords anyway let me know and ill try and answer them for you if i dont someone in my family will we ar all big ford fans
  8. Ford Escort Mark 5 Alarm

    have a go at locking the car and then with the key open the boot it works all the time on my mums car when she says her alarm doesnt work. if not then open the bonnet put a brick on the alarm sensor itll be on the front slam bar somewhere usually on the left then lock the car activate the alarm and then remove the brick thats always a good trick but the alarm only is active about 20 seconds after activiting the alarm so leave it a good 30 seconds before removing the brick
  9. more power please??

    make sure if you put your air filter on that you change for a better exhaust because you can end up spending loads on a filter haveing 1 or 2 more brake but if you upgrade the exhaust youl het more power becasue the exhaust air will have somewhere to escape or youll put preasure on your stock exhaust
  10. hiya im new

    hiya thanks for the advice, i have been looking at a few cages from omp but i think it will reduce the everyday drivability if there were bars in the way of getting into the car but then again it would be quite fun. the only thing with the exterior i have nothing to base it on there are no mark 5 rally fiestas that i have found in panther black the only pictures i have found are the new blue st's. does anyone know when the next ford fair is i could do with looking round for parts and for inspiration. message me back cheers guys
  11. hiya i just bought a 1.6 freestyle and was looking to turn it into a sort of rally car does anyone have any tips and was just wandering what you lot thinks to the 1.6 freestyle and whether it would look better body kitting it to look like a zetec s and then styling it to a rally car