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  1. Choosing Tyres

    My Ford Fusion came with "special" R16 wheels. The dealer told me though this "+ version" came with the special wheels, the measure of the tyre are relatively easy to find. How dumb I feel to have bought into this. Needing two new tyres, I visited a tyre dealer who told me only two cars use this tyre size, the: 195/55 R16 This makes choosing relatively easy, as few tyre brands actually offer this size. :D What I am asking you, in case your wheels are of this size as well, is whether you have any advice to share, choices you have made, or have regretted...
  2. I had exactly the same problem. Car would start with no problems if warm. When left to rest for a couple of hours would not start. Priming for a minute or so would fix the problem, but this was particularly bad in winter when raining. Took it to the garage, they replaced everything "cheap", i.e., filters, pipes, even the prime bulb. Problem was never solved. Next would be the fuel pump or the injector. I took it an injector specialist and they fixed the problem (no issues for the last 6 months). Seems that the air "leak" was within the injectors. Not sure how they fixed it, it was not that expensive, but took them a week or so... they "explained" they had to let it rest overnight before testing... My guess is that some kind of seals within the injectors...
  3. No Power

    If you take the car to service make sure they check the injectors.In my case,I had to replace the injector "feeder", it is a small plastic part, very cheap,that has often quality issues and comes loose. Once the car wouldn't even turn on, the plastic just broke...
  4. I also like #3 the zombie bug killer. The wheels on #2 just seem out-of-place.
  5. Thinking Of Buying A Fusion, Advice

    Have no concerns about the Fusion as a family car. It is try many people call it a "Fiesta on Vitamins" or worse, but actually the car is very confortable in the back seats, manily if you find the Fusion+ version. I am bit more concerned about the boat. I don't have a tow on mine, and no experience with boats, but I don't reckon the car will be up to the job (I own the 1.4 TDCI)
  6. Sluggish Fusion 1.4 Tdci

    Hi Kim, I have issues with the "fuel return". Apparently this is a plastic part that sometime gets broken, and the fuel does not return from the engine, and even air might get in to the motor. These are very cheap parts to replace, however the service people need to dissamble a bit to get to them. Reading about your issue though, I wonder if it might be related. I was told that these plastic parts are a problem with all diesel engines from the PSA group, peugeots, citroens, etc, and the common "sympton" is loss of power.
  7. Fuel Economy

    I own a Diesel Fusion+, and I am doing 48.5 MPG (Imperial) You can see more details here I can strongly recommend you use the above website to monitor you consumption. It's free and all you have to do is to insert the data when you tank (full tank or not, how much fuel, costs, mileage) Another thing you can do there is to search for cars that match yours and look at the consumption. Like this search that gives 8 matches. Mind you it defaults to L/100km, but you can convert that to MPG. Carlos
  8. Choosing Tyres

    ContiPremiumContact 2 from a local Dealer. So far very happy with them, they actually make a bit less noise than those I had before (run-flat from Dunlop, the ones I got are not run-flat). Most reviews I found favoured Bridgestone and Continental, but the latter are supposed to last longer. They were about the same price. If you are changing the fronts, the new tyres should go in the back. The reasoning is that you have more weight in front (also traction), so the best tyres should be in the back.
  9. 03/53 Plate Fusion Owners??

    Same here, I lost two of them on the motorway. First I thought I ran into a plastic bag or something got stuck to the car. Then the flapping noise stopped and I forgot about it. The next day I saw the trims missing and thought someone stole them. I went to the Ford dealer, and asked them if them if it was common that the trims give away. They told me it is here very rare, and probably it was vandalism. I asked them how much replacements costed, and the guy answered, without hesitating, or even looking at a catalog or hos computer, "36,90 each". I learned two things. 1- It is definitely a common problem, for both the Fiesta and Fusion (the replacement part is the same). 2- I am not going to the same dealer again. I got the replacement parts. They are just a bunch of plastic glued together. Not even moulded together. The bad thing is that one needs to break away the remaining clips before inserting the new ones. After that I used an epoxy glue to join the new replacements to existing rubber or plastic in the door. It's just a case of bad design. If you notice that yours are starting to come off, just get them glued as soon as possible.
  10. Help & Advice Please

    The HDi and TDCi are actually references to the same engine, all of them are manufactored by the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citröen). I am not a mechanic, but most issues I have found with power loss in turbo diesels have one of two causes: Either the turbo itself is broken, or the diesel filters or injectors are dirty and less fuel goes into the motor. I suspect the latter. There are some addictives one can add to the fuel tank, or the dealer can change the filters. These are both relatively ways to try and solve the issue... Broken turbos though not uncommon usually are a issue at higher revs... Hope you will find a solution.