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  1. Aero

    I Need Your Help

    I have entered my Fiesta into a detailing competition, today is the final day of voting and I would really appreciate your support. You can view the three entries here If you think the Fiesta would make a worthy winner please vote for me. All you need is an email address (you won't be spammed) you will receive an email with a link to confirm your vote. Thanks very much for any support :)
  2. I bought the same one as you and received mine today also, it has two metal clips but no black fixings. I will be contacting the seller.
  3. Thanks you have confirmed my thoughts.
  4. Are those four black things (around the sunglasses part) important? I am looking at a holder on ebay but it doesn't seem to have them.
  5. I've had the same problem, received a Fram filter for a Fiesta 02-onwards but clearly too big, so I bought a Ford one yesterday the part number is 9966997 cost just over £15 including VAT.
  6. Aero

    Newbie With Questions

    Thank you for the replies it is much appreciated. I just thought the exposed bulb looked a bit odd but I am pleased it's normal. Earlier on I had a look around the passenger and drivers footwell, and a quick look behind the centre console panels however I didn't see anything obvious. Thanks fordpartsman I now know where to look and a good idea what to look for :)
  7. Hello everyone :) Just wondering where is the pollen filter on a Mk7 Fiesta Zetec? Also should there be a cover on the light bulb in the drivers footwell? Cheers Rob