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  1. Hi guys I'm Lee, I've been a newbie on here for a while though iv'e been registered for a few months I haven't really had chance to post. I drive a mk7 59 plate ford fiesta edge 82 1.25 I had a bump a few moths ago where I was going to fast in the wet and I couldn't slow down in time so it was either hit a car up the are at 35/45mph or into the curb I chose the curb. anyhow I bent my wishbone badly and damaged the strut by elongating the hole and the material give way and snapped,so I got that changed a couple of days after and the car was fine no problems, but whilst changing those parts I noticed my steering rack arm was ever so slightly bent so I decided to get a new rack my friend and I changed the rack with no issues and put it all back together. I started the car up and I had 2/3 lights up on the dash air bag light and I think p/s light? there was no horn either. iv'e checked all fuses under bonnet and behind glove box and there fine. if anyone could help id be truly grateful. my email is leeroy_54@hotmail.co.uk if you have any advice could you please email me as I don't always have access to a pc but have email set up on mobile. regards lee.