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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can move fro...

  2. 4Wd Ford's

    Btw the 12.5% is a common average but i'm not 100% all auto manufacturers use the same margin of efficiency.
  3. 4Wd Ford's

    Its Basically Cost, to have all the cars 4wd would up the price of the rs by about 3-4k now in marketing what ever is considered the limit in what market research says people will pay, you want to be about 12.5% or more under that (excluding the profit margin) now making them 4wd would put them too close to meeting/exceeding that 12.5% so its best to invest in better R&D for the best possible Front wheel drive system (not to mention the recognition for very good handling front wheel drive cars ever made) rrather than risk over running the 12.5% and risking lack of sales where supply exceeds demand, very costly. People love having something uncommon, now ford know that a 4wd car beaten by a FWD car is a whole new level, unparralled even in auto manufacturing and by doing this they would make less profit on each car...but in turn sell more. By patenting the revoknuckle technology this will create barriers of entry into new markets...which means....ford can make a huge amount of profit to make up for the smaller margin on the rs by recieving money in order to allow other companies to use it. A 4wd car doesn't cost as little or produce such large advantages. p.s. sorry for the some of the lingo and the essay (Business and engineering student here :P ) I Hope this helps :) adz
  4. Spare Wheel Options?

    actually your mileage is excellent, and a space saver i don't think will give you that much more... adz
  5. Spare Wheel Options?

    personal preference i suppose, if you don't mind not going over 50mph and being carefull then the spacesaver is a good option but if you like to get home asap then maybe its best to stick with the one supplied....:D adz
  6. Eggy Smell

    Hi Matey, Its definately your air con, alot of people say they get an eggy or farm yard smell in the cabin when either the heater (on cold) or air con is on. What causes this? well when you use air con, a few people will put it on recycle as the air con is less harsh, for example when i have the air con on (with recycle off) it gives me headaches, this is because its so cold, air con removes the moisture from the air by compressing it, hence the coldness. now when your aircon has been run on recycle, even once, bacteria from when you breath is put back into the system, this then grows and bacteria when concentrated will start to smell, hence the smell of eggs or farmyard. air con cleaner is a fix, but a temporary one. there are 2 things to do to ensure this doesn't come back. have your air con drained and re filled and have your filter replaced (as the filter most certainly will contain bacteria spores. £40-60 is what you'd be looking to pay for a re-gas and another £10 for a filter if fitted yourself. if sent into a garage or fords it will cost you more say £20-25, but at fords the cost could be much higher, its not a specialist thing so any garage can do it for you. hope this helps :) Adz
  7. New Guy, Different Forum :)

    thanks matey, lot of time effort and grief gone into that baby :D
  8. Please Help Me

    I'm Very sad to hear this, like you say it is a longshot, but i will keep an eye out for you, as i'm sure everyone else on here will, my condolences to you and your family adam
  9. New S1600 Zetec S

    Lovely car mate a little jealous :D adz
  10. Focus high idle - with a twist...

    sounds like a ECU problem, the idle is controlled by the ecu and for it to idle at 1500rpm is scary especially standing still i'd go to your local fords and have it checked out or if you know someone with good skills on a laptop and a OBD II lead then thats also handy :)
  11. Front Spoiler Needed, Focus Mk1 54 Plate

    did they even have a splitter?? i thought the nearest thing splitter like for a standard focus would be the cupra r one, otherwise its just that rubber dangly thing on the edge and the bottom of the bumper :) adz
  12. New Guy, Different Forum :)

    :D Comments always welcome thanks all adz
  13. New Guy, Different Forum :)

    i love this pic :D
  14. New Guy, Different Forum :)

    Pics of my car :D doesn't seem to show up all photo's so i guess its 1 at a time :( (effort)
  15. New Guy, Different Forum :)

    Thanks nice to be here, yeaaaahhhh i realise this sorry bout that only realised what i did after i did it :( oh i will be a active member :D all the best adz