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  1. Mk7 Newbie

    Ha awesome.... the same question asked 3 years apart.... and theres STILL no mk8!
  2. Mk7 Newbie

    Both from eBay For the antenna just search 'Richbrook ford ariel' and the LEDs are w5w SMDs i believe
  3. Mk7 Newbie

    Couple of posts rolled into one: LED number plate lights So my SMD bulbs came today: One changed: Both changed: Cant wait to see what they look like in the dark! :D DMB overlays and Waxybox So over the past week or so I got round to attaching the remaining badges to front, back and wheel centres, giving the car a good clean (testing a couple of the Waxybox goodies) and putting my private plates on. Also prep'd my old car for sale Badges Wheel Centres Front Wheels Clean Snowfoam Finished article: Also got donated a tool bag and tidied detailing bits: Finally, spot the odd one out! Thanks for looking. Any comments or criticism welcome!
  4. Mk7 Newbie

    DMB Gel Overlays So the postman bought me these this morning: Weather not really permitting me to do the exterior badges but the steering wheel was a must! Let me know what you think of the carbon/chrome take on the Ford oval. Before: After:
  5. Mk7 Newbie

    Aerial update Another very small update for you guys... This arrived a couple of days back: Waited for a gap in the rain before fitting it. Would never guess we are at the end of may!! Before: After: Im sure you will agree it no looks alot better, the 'Ford' logo makes a nice added touch also. I also gave my friend a hand with moving his quad bike so we can do some work on it. En-route to his we took this little video to show how well just one layer of hastily applied AB repel works at motorway cruising speeds in pretty nasty rain. And said quad: Hopefully the weather gets the memo about it being summer soon!!!
  6. Mk7 Newbie

    Headlight Bulb Change So, finally got round to replacing all of the bulbs in my headlight clusters for brighter whiter light. Along with 'de-tangoing' the front and rear. Not many pics as just wanted to get on with it. Is a right pain in the ar$e! I guess they must make it so tricky to change a bulb so that they can potetialy profit out of it when Mr/Mrs Smith bring the car into the dealership! Huge light unit out of the car: Light cluster before: Light cluster after: Sidelights: Main beam: Still cant seem to do my rear indicators yet though. Finding it impossible to locate the wing nut to release the rear light without doing some damage to interior trim! :wall:
  7. Mk7 Newbie

    Minor update So... my Carbon4Keys skin came in the post today Grabbed some APC, a stanley knife and a hairdryer and set to work! Work in progress: And the finished article:
  8. Mk7 Induction Kits

    Do you have any pics of the ram intake?
  9. Mk7 Induction Kits

    I am seriously considering this kit. Only thing is i have just read (i have a 2012 1.4 diesel) that it is not suitable for cars with a DPF. I cant see this realy being an issue though. Is the MAF sensor a simple unplug and plug back in job
  10. Mk7 Newbie

    My dad has been running this car for about ten months now jsut to get to work and back so he didnt have to start up his RS4! After spending alot of money running my BMW i decided i needed something more cost effective. After a bit of negotiation i came to an arrangement to buy his fiesta off him. He lives in manchester but drove it down to the midlands for 'hand-over'! I was aware it was a high spec vehicle but was please to find out that it even had keyless start. It was pretty dusty/dirty on the inside, and teh front was covered in flies from the motorway journey. The vey first thing I did was to de-badge the rear of model and spec., and dig out my old wind deflectors an rubber mats from my previous Mk7. And then gave the car a full clean, briefly including; - Full interior clean, vacuum and dress plastics - Snowfoam - Clean wheels - Rinse - Wash using 2bm - Decon'd paintwork and wheels with fallout remover - Rinse - De-tar bodywork and wheels - Dried - Engine bay cleaned and dressed - Hand polished - Waxed with Dodo Juice supernatural hybrid - Seal wheels - Tyre shine Happy with the end result. Then the following day I also couldnt resist doing a few bits and pieces and working out what I need to purch! I changed the footwell bulbs to red LEDs And applied AutoBrite's Repel rain repellant to glass windows That is briefly what has gone on in the last 36 or so hours. Many many more plans to come.
  11. Mk7 Newbie

    so...... I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Titanium Fiesta 1.4tdci with many many many options
  12. Mk7 Newbie

    ill be back soon with a newer, diesel, fiesta...... watch this space! :D
  13. Help!!!!

    Hi guys... Its been a while! I have moved away from the beloved Fiesta and now only get to drive it every other weekend. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago i came to park the Fiesta up on the Sunday and realised that the radio wouldnt turn off properly. Even with keys out and no music playing the radio was still on standby, like when you turn it off when driving. I then had someone take it for a spin on the Tuesday and they reported everything was fine and the stereo had turned off..... but i think they were wrong!!! I came to unlock it yesterday and the fob was not working.... so i tried to open with the key: again, no joy! It would appear the stereo has drained the battery completely and i am now locked out of my car. I have called Ford Assistance but apparently you only get 1 year cover with a new car... but 2 with a used :-/ Any suggestions would be much appreciated; both with regards to what is up with the stereo and also how i can possibly get into the car to get the battery charged back up? Thanks!
  14. Buckled 16" Alloys!!!

    buckled 15"!!!!!