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  1. Focus Mk3 1.8 Petrol Shakes When Starting Up

    Sorry I hadn't replied earlier. Would I be right in saying that the 1.8 Duratec is originally a Mazda engine? I guess no 4-cylinder without balance shafts will ever be truly smooth, but it's a bit disappointing for a modern engine to seem so unrefined.
  2. Taking The Mick

    Hi Last summer when I came to changing the sparkplugs on my old Fiesta I decided to change the leads as they were nearly ten yers old and looking tired. I'd heard dire warnings about fitting aftermarket leads so I called the Ford dealer and was qoted over 60 quid for a set A quick look on t'internet and i found out that Magnecor leads were over 10 quid cheaper and better quality so I ordered a set. They come in a nice blue colour and the HT cables are thicker and more flexible and just feel better quality than the Ford ones. I've attached a pic of them. Paul
  3. Focus Mk3 1.8 Petrol Shakes When Starting Up

    Sorry to hear about your problems Wizz. I hope you find a dealer who puts more effort into resolving them. Has anyone else noticed shaking while starting the engine on the 1.8?
  4. Hello everyone My dad bought a 58 reg Focus Mk3 1.8 Zetec petrol a fortnight ago. I've driven it a few times and noticed when starting the car that it shakes noticably when cranking and then stettles down when idling and driving. I don't know if this is a "characteristic" of this particular engine, but I've never experienced anything like it on any other car I've driven. I put the bonnet up and watched the engine when he started it and it does seem to jump quite a bit more than I've seen any other engine but seems to idle reasonably smoothly. It does seem slightly hesitant to rev when driving although I might be imagining it. The car is 16 months old and has only 5,000 miles (ex Motability, no modifications), it had its first service in January this year by a Ford dealer. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Am I worrying about it un-necessarily? Thanks in advance. Paolo