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  1. Which Antifreeze

    Thank you Guys for your replies. Think the best thing i could do is like you have said and go into a shop, that way i will get the right one.
  2. Which Antifreeze

    Hi, Found some BLUECOL from last July 09 what i used in my 06 Astra, You think i could use that?. It is the same color. Thank you for your replies. Paul
  3. Which Antifreeze

    Hi, I have a Focus 08 TDCI and was wondering which Antifreeze to use. I am just going to top up my levels.
  4. New Focus

    Hi Chris, Because i'm looking at lease car scheme through work been quoted £247 a month for Titanium with everything in including tyres. Up to five people on the insurance for 10k miles a year. I'm only doing around 9k miles a year at present.Just got too decide what colour, Waiting time is about 12 weeks as well. Anyway Chris what ever you decide sure you will be very happy with your purchase. Paul
  5. New Focus

    So Cuke, was you impressed. i know i was, just the quality of the interior better quieter nice and smooth. what price was you quoted for the car? I know they offered 2k off the model i test drove. But saying that as well offered only £6700 for my 08 model i bought from them last Aug for £8500. insult.
  6. New Focus

    Hi, Salesman said all the 1.6, then Estates then 2.0 ltrs then STs. But you know what some dealerships are like at getting wrong information out.
  7. New Focus

    Hi guys, Thanks for your replies. When we went to our local Evans Halshaw the salesman to be fair talked me out of a Titanium by asking would i use the extras on board: Cruise control,. And that i know how to turn on my light and wipers when it rains. But like the upgrade of music system, passenger seat has the same lumbar support as drivers. He was also telling me they not building the 2.0 ltr yet.But would be very happy with 1.6 diesel.Do like White and the Black.
  8. New Focus

    Hi everybody, Just after people's views/feedback on the new shape. Looking at the 1.6 Diesel Zetec/Titanium. Test drove a 1.6 Zetec other day and was impressed. Very quite nice to drive,better cockpit than my 08 1.8 TDCI Zetec. If i got one it would be through my works car leasing scheme. Cheers Paul.
  9. Focus Serive

    Hi everybody, I have a Focus 08 and was wondering if people could tell me does the dashboard light up in anyway too tell you. Only say this because my Astra had a light on dashboard the used to light up when a service was requires. Thank you.
  10. Treatments

    Cheers Tom for your reply. Will try somewhere else for my diesel when i next need a fill up. Just filled up other day £54.00 of Diesel from Morrison of all places as well. and add some fuel additives first. Thanks Paul
  11. Treatments

    Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply. To be fair not really thought about where i but my Diesel from, is they really a big difference between Supermarket and Shell/B.P? Paul
  12. Hi everybody Was wondering does anybody think these fuel additives that you put in with your fuel work? and if so what are the advantages? Any feedback would be great.
  13. Entertainment System

    Hi Gringo. Thanks for your posting. Having a good look the other day at my car and found the Aux connection in the glove compartment so no problem there.Just the of mystery of the the telephone buttons Red/Green. what a mystery..
  14. Entertainment System

    Hi, My Focus 08 entertainment system has both a red/green telephone button does this mean my mobile will connect to my car or do i need extra wires. It also has a Aux button will i also need further fitting to this to allow me to stream music from a Ipod if so roughly how much would i be looking at?
  15. Fuel Cap?

    Thank you for the reply did not dare fill the car right up. Guess the dealer should of explained but no worries i now know.