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  1. Yeah, its on the Internet somewhere, I think its the same as sync 3. On off button and next track for 5 secs, something like that. Only you have to use the steering wheel next track button.
  2. Just FYI. Had the screen chequerboard issue with sync 4 today. Happened during driving, and soon settled down, but pattern remained in some small areas. Ign cycle didn't sort it. Stayed outside 8hrs at work, and was fine when next started up, so a full sleep of sync was required. Fine on the way home, 1.5hr journey
  3. Looks really smart in silver as an estate. Lovely car mate.
  4. Nice one Sun. Would be nice to see a pic if you have time. Glad your enjoying it.
  5. Hi sun, did you get your car?
  6. Hi Alex. I think powerup is the name of the software flashed to the sync 4 module. The new update appears to be preparing the system to allow Amazon Alexa to be updated / available in the future.
  7. Hi mate, Any indication what the update is? Does it fix android auto wireless connection issues?
  8. It looks really good in race red. I love a red car. Bet your chuffed Jo. Happy you finally got it. Look at those clean wheels!!!! You wanna see mine, they're disgusting. Enjoy (at last)
  9. Sync 4 strange issue on just one day. Phone would not connect, neither wirelessly or with the cable. Everything else appeared to work. Got home and after leaving the car 20 mins, I put it in reverse, and it said rear camera not available. I don't have a rear camera!! So next drive cycle everything was fine, and has been for 2 weeks no issues. This really feels like a software update was done, and made it go a bit funny, and then settled. It was like the new software didn't know what spec of vehicle it was flashed to for a short time
  10. Chera.... Autosmart Tardis tar and glue remover. Or other tar and glue remover. Some retail brands aren't as strong as tardis though. Please check suitability on plastics first though, and make sure to wipe off thoroughly afterwards.
  11. They've done cracking job there. Not a single swirl in those light reflections. Looks ace mate.
  12. Any ideas if this calc is based off the us gallon or the UK gallon? US gallon is smaller, so shows a lower mpg. My Mrs gets 36 uk mpg in her 155, while I'm getting 45. She has very short local journeys though. Mine is more motorway and a roads
  13. What is it Unofix? Carly by any chance?
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